American PSN updates for August 9th

Piyotama! That's cool, right? Eggs! Yay! It's that time again, Ps3fanboy know what's coming to the US PSN this afternoon. Check below for the full list.

Piyotama game ($2.99)
Heavenly Sword Anime episode 1 (free)
Heavenly Sword making of video 1 (free)
Turok E3 trailer (free)
10,000 BC movie trailer (free)
Fred Claus movie trailer (free)
Superbad movie trailer (free)
Perfect Stranger movie trailer (free)

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MikeJonesOK4024d ago

YAWWWWNNNNN~ is it September yet?

Quisp4024d ago

Ditto. The PSN continues to NOT make me moist with anticipation...:(

Chriswsm4024d ago

I dont get it, why the difference between the US and the EU versions? Makes no sense to release Piyotama in one zone and not another. Dont they want our pounds?

Stupid stupid PSN

Real Gambler4024d ago

Until recently, it was harder to get a game approved in Europe because many countries still have different ratings. So you could get your game approved for 13 years old in one country in 2 weeks, but still wait 6 months to get approval in the other and get a 16 years old limit...

Things are getting better for Europe. And funnily enough, in U.S. they are starting to see laws related to gaming for some states, so eventually, the approval process may take pretty long there as well.

You also have to convert Pal to NTSC...

duarteq4024d ago

I agree with u, I'm from Portugal and i created a US and Japanese account cause of that. If the firmwares are out at same time for all why must games don't be that way ( i understand the things about movies ).

popup4024d ago

Yet Heavenly sword appears everywhere.

timmyp534024d ago

. too bad no new demos this week

getrdone4024d ago

im still waiting for the lair demo

Infernus4024d ago

Just give it a few more weeks for an NA demo. I don't think we'll be seeing a EU demo over here for a while though because of the different release dates unfortunately...

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The story is too old to be commented.