Soul Calibur IV Scans: Bigger Breasts For Next-Gen

Soul Calibur IV also gets a few pages in the latest Famitsu Weekly, showing once again that new-generation sometimes means bigger breasts for the japanese developers.

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thereapersson3937d ago

This story deserves approval just because it has to do with massive mammaries...

TriggerHappy3937d ago

You a perve...:), This is your second news about "breasts" in less than 72hrs.

MK_Red3937d ago

Couldn't resist :)
Orginal had this in the description and I just couldn't resist.

JPomper3937d ago

The bigger the better.

Chriswsm3937d ago

I am a legs man.... they could have done a full body pic

thereapersson3937d ago

One of the pics has a full-length image of the drawing of Sophitia in her miniskirt.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3937d ago

is going to get some competition :P

And from prevoius Soul Caliber I can tell you they play way better then DoA

deadeyes993937d ago

And in come the losers...

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The story is too old to be commented.