High Score - How Deeply are Drugs Intertwined with Gaming Culture?

A look at junkie gamers, professional gamers snorting Ritalin, self experimentation, and a rogue scientist's revelation about GTA's influence on college men.

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InMyOpinion4065d ago

Not deep enough...

I think some games, like Saints Row, should come with free samples of weed or maybe some e's.

Azures4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

To play at maximum ownage, one only needs to try a nice sativa before game time. Keeps your mind sharp and your nerves in check.

TJ Crucial4065d ago

Yes! You know where it's at brother!

My problem is now I can't game without it, it's just not the same...

I would try weed rehab, but I always worry I'll get a real life version of Bob Saget in Half-Baked shouting at me;)

Rooftrellen4065d ago

Your brain needs glucose. The best thing to boost your gaming performance is actually a little sugar. You can't go wrong with a little chocolate.

I do think its interesting that a study has found a possible link between thoughts toward illegal drugs and games. I really hope someone does the test again, with a larger group, and longer times of playing the games, because its totally possible that the random group seperation just got lucky. Of course, the interesting thing about this study was that it was linking violent video games and thoughts od drug use, not drug use itself or violence.

Different games would be interesting, too. I wonder if a violent game that didn't involve drugs would have a different effect than a violent game that does. Lots of interesting research to be done in that area.

InMyOpinion4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

Sugar? Cocaine makes you sharp and concentrated, my friend. Not sugar. Sugar makes you fat, and no one loves a fat person. Do it like Bateman, Phil Collins Sussudio on the hi fi stereo and then a discreet hit of columbian up your nose, and you are ready to own!

Rooftrellen4065d ago

Your brain won't work without sugar, no matter how much cocaine you have.

And of course sugar makes you fat. You wouldn't want to disapoint all the people who think gamers are supposed to be anything but the lonely fat guy in the basement of the mothers house would you?

That would be like a blonde acting smart; while there is no actual connection between the two things, the narrowmindedness of some people might make their brain explode if they find out otherwise.

SmokeyMcBear4065d ago

ding ding ding.... this just in, stoners play video games... Fire up a blunt, and you can game for hours. If im not baked, well i would probably do more productive things than play video games.

Boon Tarkas4065d ago

It takes you 15 minutes to realize that the "High-Score" in the title of this artice is a double-entendre.


SmokeyMcBear4065d ago

haha.. did you know that otto.. .is otto spelled backwards? - Homer Simpson

" You just blew my mind " - OTTO

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The story is too old to be commented.