Is this the stupidest peripheral ever?

Sometimes mere words fail to do this beautiful world full justice. So it is with Piss Screen, a urine-operated, urinal-housed controller recently installed in a Frankfurt bar, and designed to react to a hosing down by toilet-visiting gamers. The mind boggles.

But is this the stupidest videogame peripheral the world has ever seen? Sadly, the answer is quite probably "No!". As this list of ridiculous, mental and sometimes troubling plug-in-ables can prove...

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Captain Tuttle4063d ago

How could anyone NOT approve this story?

Rooftrellen4063d ago

Nothing is as bad as the Hero Pack!


I'm not sure what system the Wu (with 2 dots over the u) is, or why the Wii is mentioned with it, unless its just them trying not to get sued.

Some of those are pretty bad, but who doesn't want to play some games while they go to the bathroom? And, its not a bad slogan if you say "don't have fast feet? Why not just cheat?"

Really, though, it is sad how many of these terrible things companies come up with to try to make money, only to see that they'll spend more developing these ideas than they'll ever make back when its on the market.

BIadestarX4063d ago

aaahhh ahahaha... And I though the wiimote makes grownups look like children.... about about that sword and chield?
Bubbles for you... that gave me a good laugh..

DiLeCtioN4063d ago

thats funny...if i come across this i cant wait to try it lolz

unsunghero284063d ago

Just goes to show that Nintendo could have done much, much worse...

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