IPTV to launch this year exclusively with BT

Before the year is out, British Telecom, in partnership with Microsoft, will announce a deal that brings IPTV to Xbox 360.

As part of the deal, only subscribers to BT will be able access IPTV services, which Microsoft currently powers through BT's Vision initiative.

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Odion3820d ago

the telecommunications giant will be in a position to buy Xbox 360s direct from Microsoft, and offer a console fully equipped to watch and record free-to-air, paid and on-demand television content to customers, without the need to pay for a set-top-box.

Sales Spike? lol

RelloC3820d ago

my exact thoughts when I read this.

Emmo3820d ago

I am looking forward to seeing what services are available, i'll be trying it out.

Chexd3820d ago

anyone know what sort of channels IPTV has? mainstream ones like BBC 3 and Discovery? or random ones like "music zone" and otehr made up ones.

Thanks, just dont fully understand iptv.Is it a bit like Freeview through your 360? (with a fee) :)

persian_prince3820d ago

i just hope they dont put 50 channels of C-SPAN on it...

fjtorres3820d ago

...offers the exact same channels that cable and satellite video providers offer. The only difference is all channels are digital and offer DVD-or-better quality for SD content and the HD isn't overcompressed out of existence.

power of Green 3820d ago

This concept of buying the Xbox Home entertainment system as a set top box could widen the gap with its competition beyond imagination.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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