The Way We See: Halo 3's Graphics

Recently I (ShishouMatt) had stumbled across a topic on the IGN boards that peaked my interest. I have seen time and time again people talk about Halo 3's graphics in a negative tone, while others defend how they look. Much of the defense being in the form of obvious fanboyism for the franchise and their inability to admit the graphics are not top-tier in what consoles are offerings at the moment.

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MoonDust4063d ago

under "Other" and don't say why they are reporting it.

BenzMoney4063d ago

...and I love Halo.

But it should've been reported for bad editing because "...peaked my interest" doesn't make sense. The word you're looking for is "piqued".

Just sayin'. =)

M1am1U4063d ago

I'm giving you a bubble for grammar, spelling and context correction. That's awesome. 8)

ShishouMatt4063d ago

"But it should've been reported for bad editing because "...peaked my interest" doesn't make sense. The word you're looking for is "piqued"."

You're right, piqued is the proper word to use. Although I won't change it because I feel(whether proper or not) that when my interest has peaked, as in reached the top, the word is suitable to use.

Thanks for catching that though, I honestly never knew of that spelling.

WafflesID4062d ago

I love how it was reported as inflamatory and biased. I just can't figure out HOW it was inflamatory and biased.

The entire point of the article was to point out how the color palette can change the perceived realism of a game. And I think the point was proven quite effectively.

*shrug* Takes all kinds I guess.

MewMew4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )


Ahahahaha! *Meeeeeeeeooooooooowwww!*

PS3 and Nintendo Wii!, 4 the win.

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JIN KAZAMA4063d ago

take off your Halo Green filtered goggles, and then you will see it like the rest of the world....OVERRATED.

JIN KAZAMA4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

take off your Halo Green filtered goggles, and then you will see it like the rest of the world....OVERRATED.

@NoBiz: ehh, Halo has the ebst multiplayer?? You must be crazy, R:FOM has way better multiplayer. Halo 2 was a dissapointment, EVEN THE DEVS themselves said it. Let me repeat, THE DEVELOPPERS OF THE GAME TRASHED HALO 2.
AGAIN, LET ME REPEAT, the DEVELOPERS of the GAME....D...E...V..E..L...O..P ..E..R..S OF THE GAME admitted that Halo 2 was rushed and wasnt that great.
But you and others, with your blinders on, will buy anyhting MS says. So please, STFU, and play your 3FixMe.

nobizlikesnowbiz4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

And see what?

Games that in no way/shape/form rival Halo's multiplayer goodness?

We all know H3's mulitplayer is going to dominate Halo 2's. Halo 2's is still considered the best mulitplayer (console) game going.

Single player has yet to be seen. But no doubt it will be great.

You see? No one is wearing blinders but you.

<EDIT> Wow. You really are an idiot. The developers put out a great game that more people love than you'll ever understand.

R:FOM better? Don't make me puke. Great game, but your comparing a next gen game to an old gen game. Nice. Just shows how great Halo 2's mulitplayer was, when fanboys spout sh1t like "R:FOM is better than Halo 2!!!"

How much older is R:FOM than Halo 2, two, TWO!!, !!HALO TWO!!

So they said that they put out a product that wasn't as good as they wanted it to be. So, by that logic, your saying that Halo 3, not rushed, with dev's spending all the time they want on it, will be great?

Thanks man. I know it will be too.

Don't worry. I'll being playing my Xbox360. Play your Playstation 3. Enjoy it. Stop hating the other one.

<EDIT> @ strongbad1441: Yea I know I was off topic. I just was replying to Jin's nonsense.

Graphics in Halo 3 are truthfully yet to be seen. IMO the screens I've seen look awesome. Halo 3 along with "par" graphics and awesome gameplay will still be one of the greatest videogame experiences I've ever had, IMO.

strongbad14414063d ago

this topic is about graphics. i can admit that the gameplay is great, but the graphics are not the best to be seen in this generation.

MarioFromTexas4063d ago

COD4 and Gears of war blow away Halo3 in graphics, just look at the games when they are actually running...Comparing screen shots is a waste of time because they don't do the graphic justice...You can argue about Halo3 graphics all you want, but if they were really good you wouldn't need a reason to defend them...COD4= good graphics, no reason to defend it, GeOW= good, no reason to defend it....Halo3= average graphic, fanboys trying to make it better than it really is...Graphics speak for themself and you can clearly see the difference when the games are running

Azures4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

If you wanna talk just multiplayer than Warhawk has Halo 3 beat. This not from me but from Halo fans and beta players who also got to play warhawk beta.

Well me too, but I've never been a Halo fan.

VirusE4063d ago

Jin how would you know if halo is overrated? You have never played it! Down to 4 bubbles i see. My bet is you are down to 1 within the next week. Tell your girl nasim i said hi.

larry0074063d ago

On one hand you have photorealistic LAIR,CRYSIS and KILLZONE 2....on the other you have cartoon mass effect and Halo 3.

what a shame?

DG4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Jin how did you manage to come off my ignore list...well take care. Im not a fan of Halo but the graphics do look great. I also like colour in games, but the blandness' effect does make more realistic. But its a game not reality. Im renting it first to see if the MP really is that great. Im not a fan but I may get hooked. I tried the demo, its good but its not my style Im more of a GRAW2 type of guy.

PS: What does GOTY mean?

VirusE4063d ago

Larry007 is Nasim. Same horrible English and the same silly cartoon comments. Nasim cough cough I am mean Larry when are you and jin expecting?

WacksOnWacksOff4062d ago

@ larry007 / nasim

Don't forget to mention the photorealism to be found in other games such as "Little Big Planet" and "Ratchet and Clank"...

Skizelli4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

It does have the best MP imo. But it comes down to preference. And you're over-exaggerating this "Bungie trashed their own game" crap; they stated that they weren't happy with Halo 2's campaign. Multiplayer was more or less fine except for the addition of dual-wielding.

Halo has its own artistic style. I don't get why graphics boys can't understand this. I played the beta and aside from some placeholder textures here and there that I'm sure have been replaced since then, it looked great to me. I feel sorry for the gamers that won't play a game because of its graphics. Eternal Darkness, for example, had crappy graphics for its time, but the gameplay and story were incredible.

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MoonDust4063d ago

graphic haters. The point is, this game is going to be GOTY.

Xbox 360 Will4063d ago

let the Halo fanbase decide for themselves if the graphics are up to par. Now having said that. I don't think they are as bad as people make them out to be i think they are decent. But i think they could have been better. Halo 3 will sell alot of copies regardless but it won't move consoles. Everyone wanting Halo 3 already owns a 360. But thats my opinion.

toughNAME4063d ago

judging from your user name you do not have original thought...or opinions

your sonys b!tch

MoonDust4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Lmao, you are funny. You make yourself look foolish, sorry but the only way it won't move consoles is if it's delayed or Jesus himself comes down to earth and says "don't do Halo". Sorry, that statement was foolish and saying everyone that likes Halo already has a 360 is just...retarded.

Xbox 360 Will4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

wow your ignorance really shows through! And that was a lame attempt at a diss obviously i'm a Sony fan so you basically just gave me a compliment. Try better next time! Also even though i'm a Sony Fan i can give credit where credit is due. Looks like you can't handle what i said hence you lame attempt at a reply.

Edit:@ Moondust are you willing to put money where your mouth is? I am honestly willing to wager that Halo 3 will not drastically increase console sales when its released. Name your wager.

Edit 2: Just remember this story whether my name changes or not it will still be linked to this comment.

So what are the terms?

By the way your $50 price cut couldn't even move that many consoles yet you think a game thats already established its console install base will?

The game will sell but it won't sell consoles.

MoonDust4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Anything you want to wager. I'll be sending you a message when the headlines start popping up. I hope you still have this name by the time the headlines come out, don't be switching names on me.

Dr Pepper4063d ago

Sorry, MoonDust, but I don't see this being GOTY...

But that's just my opinion...

It will still be a great game though!

MoonDust4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

It being GOTY is my opinion too. :p

BTW: Thanks for the feedback, whether it's good or bad. They are all opinion.

toughNAME4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

yes...i am glad we cleared things up

this doesnt chnage the fact that Sony owns you

EDIT - Moondust i also do not think this will be game of the lookin at bioshock/mass effect

its too cliche when they go with whatevers popular (regardless of how amazing halo 3 will be)

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Sangheili854063d ago

He proves a good point. It is amazing how just a color change can make the game look so different. I honestly like the colors in halo. I wouldn't want them to change them. Considering how grand this game is on features and just over all size i find the graphics acceptable.

How ever i am more interested in the storyline and gameplay. That is what's going make is epic. At least in my opinion.