Dear Gamers: Stop Acting Like Stuck-Up Jerks

GameTheory: "Sadly, we gaming fans have begun to turn our beloved pastime into a surprising mirror of snooty wine culture. Us game people have game magazines and game stores have racks of games with little cards that have scores on them. Games come with hardcore recommendations and criticisms and game people meet up at PAX with their best Nintendo t-shirts pressed and ramble on about details about some JRPG no one has ever played."

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DeeZee2658d ago

Great article, I have to keep myself in check because sometimes I turn into one of those stuck-up jerks :(

GWAVE2658d ago

I have played games on consoles, handhelds, and PC since the days of DOS and the NES. I reserve the right to be a stuck-up jerk.

Dread2657d ago

I agree with your statement :)

D4RkNIKON2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Yeah, I have been gaming since NES and I am with you on that. These kids that grew up on 360 and PS3 don't know where gaming has come from.

Max Power2657d ago

I agree and disagree with your statement. I think the point of the article is to not belittle the casual gamer with your vast video game knowledge and ideals, but to encourage them to try a game that maybe appealing to them. Then once (if) they've gotten into gaming more passionately then you can bust out your skillz o' knowledge.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32658d ago

I only act like that towards other entertainment fanatics, who ironically, act rather smug and snooty. Book readers and the likes...But for me to act like that toward a fellow gamer? No, I wouldn't want to look like a retard, lol.

Dee_912658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

We have the right to defend our opinions .. I HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEFEND MY OPINION !your opinions dont count

AND!! i am mad that my game dont run in 60fps 1080p so im not supporting them anymoars !

i also hate games that havent came out yet

outwar60102658d ago

game prices have gone nowhere but up and we HAVE the right to complain about inferior products(50 pounds for a 4 hour campaign in mw2 still pisses me off)

ebgeer2658d ago

@outwar6010-You might want to check your information...last time I checked I think the 5th(?) gen had some of the most expensive games--I remember some of the N64 games reaching $80 a pop...

meganick2657d ago

@outwar6010 - Remember the cartridge generations? It wasn't uncommon for games on the Super Nintendo and N64 to cost 70 or even 80 dollars. Even the standard Genesis game was 60 dollars. Sega even had the nerve to charge 90 dollars for Phantasy Star 4 on Genesis. Plus keep in mind that most games for PS3 and X360 drop in price fairly quickly. It's not uncommon for current-generation games to drop to 30 or 40 dollars about half a year after release. My point is that game prices these days aren't quite as bad as people make them out to be.

outwar60102656d ago

yes but games were in fact longer remember zelda a link to the past that game took me like 3 months to complete(i was like 13 at the time but still)?

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TheLeprachaun2658d ago

No. I quite enjoy being a stuck-up jerk.

Elvfam5112658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Well Kind Sir I will...

LordMarius2658d ago

dear journalist stop biting the hand that feeds you and actually do some good quality journalism

Rocket Sauce2657d ago

Sounds like codeword for, "You pinned down my snobbery exactly."

It's a blog, not a newspaper. Who gives a shit about journalism?

Dizko2657d ago

This x 1000

Comparing beer/wine afficandos with gamers is a bit much, really. Apples and Oranges IMO. The gaming industry couldn't be more friendly to hardcore/casuals alike. Just because of a few hundred trolls and nerd rages scream really loud, you're ready to write off the whole community as being snoobs? Palllllllllllleaaaaaaaaaaaase.

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ranmafandude2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

I'm really picky sometimes about my tastes in games but I'll try almost anything. I'm also stuck up when other types of gamers i really can't relate to in terms of gaming tastes come and try to bash my tastes in games aka jrpgs and non-mainstream Japanese games.

i think I'm stuck up now cause I'm 19 and I'm set in my gaming ways. anybody can relate?

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