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Modern Warfare 2 Bug Grants Free SNK Games

WorthPlaying writes, "Affecting both the downloadable demo as well as the full version game, the Modern Warfare 2 glitch grants players access to the full versions of five different SNK Xbox Live Arcade games." (Activision, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Fatal Fury: Garou-Mark of the Wolves, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match, King of Fighters 98 XBLA, Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug XX, Samurai Shodown II, Xbox 360)

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nickjkl  +   1730d ago
oh snap
GrieverSoul  +   1730d ago
Holy S&%$!!

The game is so badly bug/glitch infected that it bugs the LIVE authentication key for these downloads!

How the hell does this goes unoticed!? I cant imagine the consequences this might bring to the developers who will not make money out of these games?!

Who is gonna pay for these?! Microsoft?! Activision?! If this is true then lots of people are gonna download these games right now and exploit this!
Also, in what other titles might this "trick" work besides using MW2?!
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Corepred4  +   1730d ago
should email, text, call everyone you know with an xbox360 and tell them about this. see how much money can be taken from ol' bobby or gates!
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GrieverSoul  +   1730d ago
The way I see it, the ones loosing money are SNK! I dont think they are affiliated with Activision so they are the ones loosing money. This exploit only affects the demos games from SNK.
AAACE5  +   1729d ago
I got excited at first... but then I realized thatSNK games suck, so no real reason to bother.

I'm starting to think all the problems with the game were placed there by the team as a f*ck you to Kotick and Activision for treating them like sh*t while they were there. And they hoped Activision would get sued for it!
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kagon01  +   1729d ago
"but then I realized thatSNK games suck"

That's because you're way too casual to handle those magnificent titles...
BeaArthur  +   1730d ago
So glitchy it effects other games.
Oldsnake007  +   1730d ago
f**k I wish I had the 360 version D:
hikayu  +   1730d ago
I have a feeling
bobby kotick wont like this .
enkeixpress  +   1730d ago
Wow.. That's really fucked up.

I don't know what to say... Should we be thanking Infinity Ward?? Hell no.

They are the bastards who are charging £10/15 each for those MW2 map packs, ripping gamers off left, right & center.. >:l

Enjoy this glitch guys :)
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Oldsnake007  +   1730d ago
but they are charging $15
Fishy Fingers  +   1730d ago
Pretty funny.

Who figures this stuff out?! Whoever it is, they should hire them.
RockmanII7  +   1730d ago
meh, I wish it was someone better than SNK. The only game I would consider trying this on would be KoF98.
Ri0tSquad  +   1730d ago
Yup, it works
Too bad the game selection sucks.
mushroomwig  +   1730d ago
A bug? In MW2? I've never heard of such a thing happening before!
Baka-akaB  +   1730d ago
At least something positive came out of mw2 : access to far better games
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Redempteur  +   1730d ago
this is a least a good reason to download that demo ..
ranmafandude  +   1730d ago
i'm doing the glitch right now lol. thank goodness i have a 360 on the side.
saint_seya  +   1730d ago
moder glitchfare can do better things i guess... and i though that wasnt possible e.e
how i regret getting this game on steam.. worst game ever.. loved mw, but mw2 sucks.. wish it had same bug on steam :p
so, having old games is a way to recover the 59$ that i lost in mw2----
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Syriel  +   1730d ago
The simple fact that this works is pretty suprising. Like GrieverSoul alluded to above, this sort of thing simply is NOT supposed to happen.

The Xbox 360 hypervisor should be shutting this down before it even gets to this point.

Someone, somewhere screwed up big time.
xAlmostPro  +   1730d ago
cant wait to see how this unfolds
ChronoJoe  +   1730d ago
"Makes you wonder if SNK will be sending Bobby Kotick a bill for lost sales?"

Wonder? the games the MW2 demo unlocks cost ~ as much as MW2 will have. I can't imagine Activision will get away with this lightly, well... Activision or Microsoft.
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PeaceOut   1730d ago | Spam
AllroundGamer  +   1730d ago
i heard, that when you camp on one place for 15 minutes and then press the xbox360 guide button, you can play Halo Reach the full version... :)
Jack-Pyro  +   1729d ago
whitesoxfalife  +   1729d ago
rbanke  +   1730d ago
It's amazing how many people are all for theft. I wonder if it's simply because its using a menu on a tv or if these people would just as happily walk into a store and steal things. If you use a glitch to steal something guess what...your still a thief.
Baka-akaB  +   1730d ago
you wanna talk about theft ? How about SNK reselling the sames fighting games on every consoles without a shred of extra content and upgrades .

They dont even hd remaster those , and quite frankly pc emulators has been doing those games a far better service with their extra graphics effects (resolution upscales , various filters to make those games less outdated and a magnificient online via ggpo) .

Hell i'm not even interested by the glitch , but having bought some of those games three times already , i wouldnt miss the opportunity
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rbanke  +   1730d ago
If you dont like a product, dont buy it. There are plenty of things in stores I dont like, but that doesnt entitle me to shoplift them because I didnt think they were good deals. Your logic is confusing.
ISKREEM  +   1730d ago
No matter how you try to justify it, it's still theft in the end.
Baka-akaB  +   1730d ago
FYI i already bought it multiples times already . But it doesnt matter , like i've said before i'm not interested by the glitch .

Dont just expect me to shed a tear here for snk
SuperStrokey1123  +   1730d ago
The issues with this game get worse and worse...
ISKREEM  +   1730d ago
Great job, keep spreading it around! That doesn't make matters worse, right?
Ps3KingofGames  +   1730d ago
snk should sue that huge fat cow.
xino  +   1730d ago
please someone get me a code please
I don't have an xbox 360 and will soon buy the Xbox Slim.
please reserve a code for me, thanks:P
frostyhat123  +   1729d ago
Why couldn't this work for Limbo lol.

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