Funniest Industry Quotes

Every day,'s inbox is filled with press releases. Every time they see a new game, someone from the publisher is there to feed them the company line. Whenever there's a big event, someone from the company gets up on stage and spouts bluster to try and convince the audience that everything is going better than is literally possible in our space-time continuum.

Having just endured another E3, they're laden down with more silly quotes than they know what to do with. So they've decided to sort the pile and present them for our amusement. Otherwise, nobody would ever read them anyway, right?

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Bazookajoe_834058d ago

"Further, Jason and the other Argonauts can combine combat tactics, where Hercules might bear hug an enemy from behind while Jason bashes them to a bloody pulp with his mace, for example."

Cut great, gay...

Captain Tuttle4058d ago

I needed a laugh today. Thanks for hunting it up.

Cusco4058d ago

What about the new Genji....hitting the crab for massive damage!!! common!

risk4058d ago

On the acquisition of developer Junction Point

"Our shared visions on creativity, innovation and storytelling will allow us to touch individual players in ways never before possible."

Keep your hands away from us.

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