Philips Aurea, the Luxury Ambilight

Philips has been cranking out LCD Ambilights for a few years, upgrading the line in relative moderation. But their new Aurea televisions are a more aggressive take on ambient television lighting. Fully LED back-lit, the Aureas will actually glow through the case border, creating a dynamic frame effect.

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xaphanze3876d ago

Wow, really impressive.Too bad only a 26 inch LCD can fit into my room so im getting a bravia.

s8anicslayer3875d ago

i'm gonna buy a new lcd soon, i will check this out,

cheechUK3875d ago

1080p is the trigger for my next TV, I hope they do one around the 40" size as the ambi-lights look so wicked!

Gorgon3875d ago

1080p on a 40'' screen is a waste of money.

peterhuizen3870d ago

Check out the Official Philips Aurea website: