Money Trouble in Second Life

Habitual Second Life users will recognize Ginko Financial ATMs as a fixture in the virtual world. These days, though, the long lines of avatars assembling around these contraptions aren't very likely to be reveling in the novelty of a virtual-yet-cash-backed economy. At the moment, the prevailing sentiment in regards to Second Life banking seems to be more along the lines of "take your money and run."

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chronicflux3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

It's amazing how risk-tolerant the average investor has become given the robust economic growth of the 1990's and increase in foreign investment activity. Only now, given the on-going uncertainty regarding the state of the U.S. economy and the discovery of how risky some of the newer investment vehicles actually are, are people waking up from this stupor.

That, and the fact that these "virtual institutions" lack any sort of regulatory oversight certainly doesn't help.

Hahaha, I WISH I had the kind of leisure time that these people have. Unfortunately, having a REAL life is hard enough as it is :)

alexander22rednaxela3998d ago

It`s sad that some people have to escape to a virtual life.

djt233998d ago

okcomputer how is it
people keep on say it is pretty good maybe i should download it

deadeyes993998d ago

Well I think people who play too much are a little "touched in the head" but when I play a game like oblivion or gta I like to escape into it just for a few hours to relax and do what I can't do in real life, I even use games like forza 2 to practise but I don't go crazy WoW is crazy LOL anyways second life seems too involved I'll stick to my simple games.