Xbox 360 Madden 08 gets 9/10 from GameDaily

Maybe it's that first somersault into the end zone, or using the Hit Stick to deliver the first bone-jarring tackle. Maybe it's pulling off that first one-handed catch for six or first sixty-yard bomb. Whatever it is, it won't take long to fall in love with Madden NFL 08...

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MK_Red4066d ago

Is this among the EA games that have 60fps on 360? I dont think they mentioned it in the review.

InMyOpinion4066d ago

It is. 60fps on 360, 30fps on PS3.

InMyOpinion4065d ago

I guess I was wrong. It's 60fps on the 360 and 200fps and 1080p on the PS3. There. Happy?

360Sheep4066d ago

I really want to see how many copies of this game will be sold on ps2, that would really be telling.

Mr Murda4066d ago

Obviously the vast majority of consumers are still in the "last generation" when regarding game consoles. It will be interesting to see if those consumers would wait til the holidays to buy a next gen system and Madden 08, or if it will be perhaps their last "hoorah" on their last gen consoles. I'm saying this cause I expect for a lot of consumers to move to the next gen consoles this holiday.

xaphanze4066d ago

I hate sports games,even if they get 10/10 ill never buy em ;P.

harpua4066d ago in we don't.

vudu4065d ago

do you just like seeing yourself on the net? If you hate sports games then why are you wasting your time posting in a sports game news story?

mighty_douche4066d ago

still wont be buying it, maybe its cos im not american but american football games suck ass, you play for 5 secs then spend 30 secs picking plays, changing players.... or as i like to call it ADMIN!!

TheExecutive4066d ago

hhhmmm.... I will wait for other reviews but if this game gets scores like this I may just have to pick it up. Yes I will get it for the ps3 because i currently dont have a 360. I highly doubt you will be able to tell the difference between 30 and 60 fps unless you play the game in slow motion. but we will see :)

Sayai jin4066d ago

I wwill not put a disagree down for you, but th difference will be seen on larger TV's. You are doubling the amount of FPS.

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The story is too old to be commented.