Alien vs Predator PSP Scans

AvPGalaxy managed to get their hands on the scans of the latest Official PSP Magazine that reveals the first images of the Alien vs Predator PSP game.

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jinn4060d ago

oh, too late, i already sold my psp and got an xbox 360.

MetalProxy4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Sell the 360 to get the new slim PSP then, since there will be more final fantasy games coming out on it and not the 360 :).
Iam looking forward to another great PSP game especially if its got Aliens and predators.

To the guy below, its got ALIENS and PREDATORS! I guess your to young to appreciate it. And Iam to old to give it up.

djt234060d ago

come on it is Alien vs Predator do you really want to play it

djt234060d ago

too late come on the movie came out about 7 year or so
and the game is going to suck anyway

IBLEEDBLU4060d ago

u seem to know alot...have u played the game?

well if ur that good at telling the future can u tell me how the weather is gonna be like in punta cana next week? going on vacation

Shaka2K64060d ago

Damn it looks really cool.