Blazing Angels 2 out on August 30, PS3 version delayed to October

Ubisoft today sent out a new release schedule for the upcoming 3 months. One of the games that is on the list for August is Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WW II. The game is scheduled for release on August 30 for Xbox 360 and PC. The Playstation 3 misses the landing streak for August and will instead be released on October 4. The reason for the delay was not given.

Other big games which received a release date are Naruto: Rise of a Ninja for Xbox 360. Naruto will be on store shelves on October 18, exclusively on Xbox 360. Brothers in Arms: Double Time, the exclusive Brothers in Arms for the Wii, will also hit store shelves on October 18.

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xaphanze3995d ago

That's really pathic.There's not a single third party game that comes first to 360 and then to ps3 after months.Shouldnt we call them 360 ''timed exclusives''?
I dont know why Sony was so happy with UT3 and Haze being timed exclusives while all other games are 360 timed exclusives.Really pathetic.
I'm buying a ps3 in 2 months, but many games are looking better on 360 yet I know that with time devs will get around programming for the ps3.

toughNAME3995d ago

but is anyone actually surprised by this?

Keyser3995d ago

I was really anticipating this game!

No I wasn't.

Who cares? It's on the rental list right under Stranglehold.

X_GAMER_X3995d ago

wonder what could be the reason for this??? again


fjtorres3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

Probably the SDK tools.
MS is a software company and they have a ton of experience with system level software tools. Their tools are simply the best in the industry.
Plus, the 360 software specs are stable.
Sony changes theirs monthly. (More or less.)
An unstable platform makes it a lot harder to get the final product onto the box.
Now, if you're a PS3 fan you just shrug this off.
Its only Blazing Angels and you have Lair, right?
No biggie.

tplarkin73995d ago

It was funny to see the argument that they couldn't fit it on a single DVD9. All I have to say is that the difficulty in programming for the PS3 is unprecedented. I don't remember the PS2 having major delays. Games run smoother, look better, and arrive on time for the 360.

jwatt3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

Maybe some developers are seeing that sales for the ps3 are starting to pick up and maybe they want to wait a little bit longer, while at the same time taking advantage of the ps3, making sure the qaulity is good. This does make since, especially for a game like this which really relies on a high install base to sell. I think the same goes for Moh and strangle hold. Let the install bass pick up, so you can maybe fix bugs, take advantage of the six axis, or maybe even add more content like GRAW2.

UPDATE: I would be a little dissapointed because of MOH being delayed but I have a 360 and I will get it on that. Plus it comes out in November on the ps3 and there will be plenty of other shooters that I will play(UT,Haze).

Xeoset3995d ago

Ouch, all of these games becmoing 'Timed Exclusives' could result in trouble for Sony.

Xbox 360 Will3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

None of these delays are Multiplatform system sellers. So poeple will just buy them when they are released. Now lets say if something like Madden got delayed on one system then that would probably be trouble. But Stranglehold and Blazing Angels won't move systems. And PS3 Stranglehold comes with the movie so no problem in waiting for the better version.

Captain Tuttle3995d ago

Name one PS3 version of a cross-platform game (besides Oblivion which they took an extra 10 months or so to work on) that has scored better at a site like Metacritic than the 360 version.

Xbox 360 Will3995d ago

I don't trust any reviews i buy the game or rent the game and decide for myself how good it is. No one else tells me if i like a game or not. Your faith in reviews shows your true blindness.

Captain Tuttle3995d ago

Your username shows your blindness. I'm obviously wasting my time.

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