Universal Wants Blu-ray vs HD-DVD Format War to Continue

Speaking exclusively with HiHD's Scott Hettrick, Universal president Craig Kornblau admitted that his studio is in favor of the format war continuing, despite the negative effects it has on consumer adoption. While its hard to argue that this war has driven down hardware prices and increased quality of releases much faster than if there was only a single format, consumers have mostly stayed away from buying either until a victor can be decided.

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TriggerHappy3853d ago

of course they do, they are benefiting from both sides why would they want it to be over ?

MK_Red3853d ago

No they are not, Universal is HD-DVD exclusive. (The only big studio that's not releasing films on Blu-ray)

Xbox 360 Will3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

Its almost like Microsoft not getting rid of the core system when they know it will hurt the consumer in the end. No wonder Universal and Microsoft work together.

Will Universal give the consumers their money back when this format war ends and Blu-ray is the victor?

This comment wasn't directed at you Merc3nary.

s8anicslayer3852d ago

universal isnt on blue ray yet but will be soon, if they want to sell more movies they have no choice

BIadestarX3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

They are making lots of money... while other studios are avoiding HD DVD... Blu-ray supporting studio have to share the available blu-ray installbase.. while they have HD DVD to make lots of money.... smart if you ask me.... And let's not forget everyone that owns an HD DVD player (xbox 360 addon or not) have one to watch movies.. rent or buy...

why would they want it to stop?

Rageanitus3853d ago

either buy going dual format for the time being like WB or just stick with BD because they have a higher user base

cuco333852d ago

why stick to JUST 1 format if you can sell your movies across the board? 5% of total movies sold are in HD. granted it is slowly growing but of that 5% it's a 60-40, 65-35 split between BD and HD DVD, BR with the minor advantage. how could you sell more by sticking to one format if the market share is almost equal?

ReBurn3853d ago

I'd be surprised if many studios were making any money from Blu-ray and HD-DVD. Neither format is selling tons of discs right now. There have only been a couple of movies that have done really well.

Odion3853d ago

I am telling you they are dragging this on while Digital Distribution gets its foothold.

jmare3853d ago

Digital distribution is a long way away for several reasons. 1 there are too many technologically ignorant people for it to take hold quickly. Older people, who want something they can hold in their hands when they buy it. 2 Lack of broadband service. Not everyone has high-speed internet, besides who wants to wait 2 hours to download a movie when you can drive to the store, buy or rent it, and be home watching it before it's done downloading. I know some people's connection is very fast but not everyone's is. 3 Security. This will always be an issue but until companies can feel more secure that their products won't be stolen constantly, digital distribution will not replace retail.

Vertius3852d ago

Digital Distribution would be advancing further if it wasn't for the size of high definition media. In 1080p, 2-3 minute videos can be over 250MB. To download entire films is out of the question for many, many people at the moment. Maybe it'll be different by the time Blu-Ray has had it's time, but, as of yet, digital distribution will continue to be a niche service.

SuperSaiyan43853d ago

The only one I think is Universal I have seen is King Kong whats the other ones?

The only thing stopping my parents from getting a HD player is the ridiculous prices, they are just TOO high, look at the USA their prices are very cheap in comparison!!

However my family will be opting for HD-DVD because I said its the best format which it is.

My neighbour will also get a HD-DVD player because again I tell them whats best and its HD-DVD.

I aint having a blu-ray fish in my house!

doublertist3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

no proof no care

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