PSP Sexy Promotion 2

After the photo shoot session, Japanese gravure idols, Kana Tsugihara and Mai Tazawa, had some fun playing with their PSPs at dinner table.

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kingofps34065d ago

Nice! They look like they are complaining. Must be about the guy.

AenimaPT4065d ago

They are saying: " This is nice and fun, but we want to play with AenimaPT."
At least is what they say in my dreams. ^_^

MACHone4065d ago

Must... buy... PSP....

Spartan154064d ago

270 degrees and 4 comments, how could that happen?

quiddd4064d ago

Beautiful women increases temperature by themselves.

timmyp534064d ago

instant temperature- open the window haha
they sure do know how to advertise a product. =)

Shaka2K64064d ago

Care if i join the fun? ladies....