'We want a PS3 price drop'

Retailers and publishers call on Sony to reduce the price of its latest hardware in time for the peak selling season

While US and Japanese gamers continue to snap up PS3 hardware for as much as £150 cheaper than UK consumers, several leading industry execs have criticised the console's controversial £425 price tag.

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BIadestarX3995d ago

LOL.... do they want Sony to go broke? Sony is already losing money as it is....

Meus Renaissance3995d ago

Keeping it at that cost and they'll never make a profit here!

jromao3995d ago

If Sony do something about the prices games are tagged then we could see much more console out there and games, consoles, all get sales boost.

trane073995d ago

For a closeted fanboy you sure do say a lot of damn dumb stuff bladestar.....

BIadestarX3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

Why people are disagreeing with me? on the part that sony is losing money? Sony just drop by 100.... not many companies are able to drop the price of their product by $100 in the first 9 months... let alone $200.... do you think I don't want Sony to drop their price? heck I wish the PS3 would cost less than the wii... but that's the price to pay for having expensive new components... companies need to be able to cover the cost... and still be able to make a profit... if Sony is already losing lots of money... which is why many articles didnt think Sony would drop the price until even 2009...

It's true that Sony will make their money back... but companies subsidizing cost like Sony and Microsoft can't just drop their price... even demand can hurt them....

Let's say Sony drop the PS3 price to $399... and it cost them $650 to make 1 console.. and they are losing $250 in each console... sells go to the roof and they sell... 10,000,000 consoles in the next 4 months... that's 2,500,000,000 (2.5 Bil).... not including advertising, shipping, etc... now take a look at Sony's library of games being released in the next 4 months.. as tell me how can sony make that off game royalties...

Seriously some of you need to more realistic... Sony is not using ingame currency to pay the bills.. you know..

@trane07 - no... your frustration.. is not because what I am saying is not true.. but because you don't like what I am saying... you are always welcome to state why you think what I am saying is dumb...

----------------------------- -
@heavymetal3k - what the difference where the price drop happends? Europe or the US... as matter of fact... it's even worst... £150 is more than $100... don't you think... that's like double the numbers I mentioned.... I can be wrong.. but I was under the impression that... Sony in europe is the same Sony in the US and money is lost in europe or the US affects them... relatively the same way...

heavymetal3k3995d ago

They are asking for a price drop in the UK, not here in the states, they have yet to get one.

trane073995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

no matter what you say, to make the statement "SONY WILL GO BROKE" just because of a price drop that is demanded is stupid no matter how much you want to reinforce or back up your statement. That statement was stupid. Sony won't go broke over a price drop and until you know how business runs, or are in the business discussions with sony, then you'll have room to talk and not speculate like you think you know.

*eyeroll* Really. Fanboys these days are just amazing.

BIadestarX3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

"Sony won't go broke over a price drop" actually.. Sony will not go broke... because of that.. they will not go broke.. becuase they are smart enough not to just drop prices before analyzing the financial impact that dropping the PS3 price will have.

"until you know how business runs" actually I run my own business. and for your information... you don't need too know much about business to know that companies subsidizing cost on their products can't just drop prices when they are asked to. *eyeroll* ... you are just too dumb to see that... and yes a company can go broke.. if they make stupid decisions... which is why certain companies even create supply shortages to reduce demands on products they losing money on... until production cost drops...

*eyeroll* Really. Fanboys these days are just amazing.

also google the meaning of a question mark.... I never said Sony will go broke... I asked if people wanting sony to drop prices by that much just after a US price drop by 100 and the money they are already losing on hardware wanted SOny to go broke...

trane073994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

So fanboys say they run businesses now to reinforce their statements? No matter how much you want to two-step around your stupid ass comment "You want sony to go broke" it only makes you look all the more stupid.

You don't know what sony has planned and what if they did have another price drop then how could you possibly explain yourself?

"LOL.... do they want Sony to go broke?"

What were you implying? The concept of reading between the lines is not alien bladestar. It doesn't take a fool to see that. Don't call me a fanboy for disagreeing with your dumbass assessment. It is quite clear what your post insinuated, despite the fact that you now try to hide behind a shield of innocence. But you know what's even more telling of your true nature: your posting history. Next.

actionjackson3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

Is not losing as much as you think they are. Most people still believe that they are losing $200 a system which is completely false. Sony themselves said that they plan to break even next year. Well, that implies 2 things. Cost of manufacturing has gone down substantially, and that at the current price point, they will make a profit to offset the loss they had on past systems. They maybe making a profit now, and noone would know. It does not mean that they will be selling the console for the price they are making it.

As for a $100 price drop, that's not a big deal for Sony. They will drop it again, but they will not announce it now. Why should they. Then MS and Nintendo will slash their prices to counter. $100 per system now x 1 million = $100,000,000. That is nothing for Sony. That;s if they are losing money on the system. But over 10 years and profits, they intend to make BILLIONS. So what's $100M.

Vip3r3994d ago

I'd rather Sony went broke than me. £425 is extremely high and seeing that the US and Japan get the same thing cheaper it's only fair that we get it cheaper too.

eLiNeS3994d ago

Buy a Xbox 360 and not worry about the high price of a PS3.

*PS3 fanboy hits head with hand,* "WOW, I could've had a 360"!

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hella whip3995d ago

I Think it'll drop to £349 before christmas and have Warhawk thrown in with it.

felidae3995d ago

would be nice if they drop the price to 399.

bung tickler3995d ago

doesnt europe understand sony needs them to fund the price drops elseware in to world. why do you think they charge you over $100 more to begin with... silly europe.

s8anicslayer3995d ago

you don't make money on hardware,you make money on software

Vojkan3995d ago

Exactly. BTW- if anyone need price cut, than it is us EUROPEANS!

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