The ten best PSP games of 2007 (so far)

It may be lagging a little behind the DS in terms of units sold around the globe, but when it comes to quality software the PSP has no trouble keeping up with its competitor (if the two machines actually compete, given that they're very different offerings).

Pocket Gamer has assembled a list of what it believes are the best PSP titles of 2007 so far. But are they right?

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djt234064d ago

the only games i like is Ratchet & Clank Size Matters and TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge because i like racing and adv games also my friend let me have the games for 3 week so .... it was ok to me

Wolverick4064d ago

has anyone picked this game up? I was wondering if it was any good and possibly worthy of this list. I can't decide if i want to get this on psp or maybe wait till it comes out on the wii..

MK_Red4064d ago

Its actually a good list. While Ratchet deserved a higher place IMO, Crush is definitly the best 2007 PSP game.

Frulond4064d ago

Lego: Star Wars II the original trilogy, and was thinking on Daxter but havent seen it <.< oh well... this list is kind of... meh