Prototype preview - "There's nothing else like Prototype on PS3"

There's nothing else like Prototype on PS3. It steals elements from almost every game imaginable, but they way it puts them together makes it unique. It has the acrobatics of Prince Of Persia, the immense world of GTA, the destruction of Hulk and the disguise system of Destroy All Humans. It's as amorphous as its lead character and one of the most exciting, original games CVG has seen in ages.

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MikeJonesOK4060d ago

sounds cool...need gameplay vidz

DEADEND4060d ago

i never even heard of the game, whos making it and is it only for the PS3?

TriggerHappy4060d ago

Sierra, is an action game and is for 360 and PS3, not much is known about it.

Yosking4060d ago

with graphics like these wouldn't a bleach game be a hit. It could be like devil may cry and uncharted drakes fortune having a baby lol. just an idea would be really cool to see ichigo blowing some riatsu in next-gen.

AbyssGravelord4059d ago

@2.2 OMG I know what you mean having a next-gen Bleach game would be perfect on my 360 were already getting the exclusive Naruto game (my other favorite Anime) if they were to make an exclusive Bleach 360 I would be in heaven!!!

Bazookajoe_834060d ago

I was thinking of the headline.

jtmill074060d ago

Me too if you look at to form it say PS3 preview but on that same form it say it's the xbox360 format.

Vojkan4060d ago

Its like Crackdown or future Infamous. That type of game.

omansteveo4060d ago

Thats bc theres nothin out on PS3

harpua4060d ago

well if thats true its selling at the same rate as the 360 did this time last year. just think when the games come out what sales will be like. so in summary, you basically said the 360 sucks.

omansteveo4060d ago

Your comment made no sense at all, i made a comment about the topic of the article "Prototype preview - There's nothing else like Prototype on PS3" my reply "Thats bc theres nothin out on PS3" which is true. Nothin about system sales or one being better than the other. You jump on that ship bc you dont have anything else to fire back with bc you feel so insecure about your purchase, you could have replied by listing games coming out this year that justified your purchase

jay34059d ago

What Omansteveo said.

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The story is too old to be commented.