Mark Rein saw it coming...the record breaking Halo 3

According to Microsoft, Bungie's shooter is now a million seller before it's even been put on the shop shelves, and Master Chief-themed promotions are spilling onto the streets directed by everyone from Burger King to Mountain Dew.

"What we've experienced is nothing short of phenomenal," said Bob McKenzie, senior merchandising VP at GameStop, making right on Microsoft's claims. "Halo 3 has eclipsed many previous records and will prove to be one of the must-have items of 2007."

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INRI4062d ago

Seriously Gamers,
This game is more looking like the best predator liked Movie
The Predator=Covenant once the Hunter burning and glasses the Planet of the Humanity and now the Humanity "Strikes Back" with the last Hope of Mankind turning this Climatic Conflict into Victory...

Let the Covenant fears the once was Hunted and now become the Hunter
wiht our Incredible and Bravely Soldier ever created from Mankind

Even the Covenant has seen what he is capable off and call him the Demon!

Mass with Humanity and get your @ss kicked.....Moron Aliens!!!

Theory OF Relativity4062d ago

4 or 1 million? This is confusing, both are good numbers anyway.

Rhezin4062d ago

of course he saw it coming, at least Bungie will support their consumers and provide future DL content, not like Epic which totally JIPPED us on the GoW extra content the PC is getting. They better make an AWESOME gears 2, otherwise f!ck them.

BrainDrain4061d ago

Everyone saw this coming.