The Top 10 Worst Games Ever

It is no safe-guarded secret that these games are among the worst ever. Correction, they are the worst ever. When they were released to the public, they were met with equal amounts of pity, but were ridiculed all the same. They are brought up with regularity wherever games are discussed, whether it be arcades (when you can find them), student lounges or game forums. These games will not soon be forgotten, and not for the best of reasons. It's plain to see how they resulted from uninspired visions, laziness, misguided work and/or poor execution. That does not, however, mean that the developers did not go on to do great things afterward. Think Capcom or SquareEnix has a squeaky-clean track record? Think again. These are games that should be taken and buried somewhere. As a matter of fact, one of the games on this list has.

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MK_Red4026d ago

The writer must be utterly crazy to put Tomb Raider in the list. Original had many bugs and problems but it was revoultionary in action/adventure design and also, introduced the first strong female protoganist in gaming that while looking kinda slutty, made way for other like Jade From Beyond Good & Evil to Clair or Jill from RE series.

ryanjtravis4026d ago

I couldn't agree more. It is insane that he would even THINK to put Tomb Raider on that list. When that game first came out, it was a breath of fresh air - fantastic fun.

Out of the THOUSANDS of horrible games, the fact that the writer had the audacity to put Tomb Raider on there is just mind-blowing - what a pretentious idiot.

Staircase4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

I totaly agree. Tomb Raider was the game that brought me to buying my first console. I loved that game, and I am sure a lot of other gamers agree.

Frulond4026d ago

in fact was the first thing I thought, and what about Driver 2? I mean.. yeah was bad but not that much, not to be in a "worst games ever list" also i think it seems to be a little GTA alike before GTA's new era (after the first 2 games). I would scratch those 2 and add Irritating Stick there and... what else... bah mind in blank can't think of anything not even crap games <.<

Caxtus7504026d ago

agreed about Tomb Raider! fantastic game! and to blame it all on the lead is poor! shows what goes through the writers mind if he thinks its us that like it for a cgi woman doesnt it!

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1337 gamer4026d ago

how is pac-man there ? that was a great game at the time...

DarkJedi4026d ago

The home port on the Atari was rubbish compared to the Arcade version tho. I think that's the comparison he's trying to make there.

MACHone4026d ago

The Atari version of Pac-man, not the arcade.

ReBurn4026d ago

The 2600 and 5200 versions were both bad, but for different reasons.

Rooftrellen4026d ago

The Atari version may have been nothing compared to the arcade version, but that didn't make it really bad. Just because its not as good as what you had before doesn't mean its a bad game, its just not as good.

I could actually say the same about Driver and Driver 2. Driver 2 wasn't as good but its not anywhere even close to the worst 10 games of all time.

Both of those games were judged by what came before, not by what games are really bad. Of course if you compare a mediocre game to a great game, the mediocre game looks bad. However, if you compare the medicore game to a really bad game, the really bad game is worse.

Bad list. Some deserve their place on there, but not all, and E.T. was by far the worst game of all time.

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Saint Sony4026d ago

I would definitely remove Pac Man from that list, but well... what can you expect when moron kids make these lists

Lair should be on that list.

djt234026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Shaq-Fu lol The Guy Game it suck it really suck
i remember Superman 64 all you really do fly thought rings lol
Resident Evil Survivor wow i never know it was that horrible.

Neoninja4026d ago

I think he got mixed up with driver2 it was decent. But how did Aquaman not make the list?

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