AMD to launch Barcelona quad-core on September 10

Barcelona will arrive with clock speeds of up to 2.0 GHz, while faster versions with up to 2.4 GHz are expected to be available during the fourth quarter of the year. If AMD keeps its promise of avoiding a paper launch, then Barcelona-based systems should be available for purchase beginning at launch or the day right after it, September 11.

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SuperSaiyan44026d ago

Isn't it? Whats the problem of hitting actual 3.0ghz speeds? When will AMD actually get past the 2ghz number??

Come on AMD!

The Real Joker4026d ago

The problem with last generation with the rising clock speeds was temp. I believe that is why this generation of chips not focusing so much on clock count.

Watapata4026d ago

The problem with higher clock speeds is only partially temp and really that has been resolved with newer processes. The main issue is the pipeline depth. In roder to push the speed up, the pipeline depth increases dramatically which has a corresponding decrease in the number of operations performed per clock cycle

DeadlyFire4026d ago

They have a Quad Core Barcelona that goes up to 3 Ghz. Probally won't be on shelves until 2008 though.

The Phenom chips should range from 2-3+ Ghz as well in both Quad and Dual Core systems. The Phenom chips are coming in October or November.

I expect Intel and AMD to both raise up clock speeds in 2009 up to or past 4 Ghz.

SuperSaiyan44026d ago

10GHZ so I dont see the problem with the heat.

ItsDubC4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

A CPU at 10Ghz would cost too much right now to appeal to the mass market. Keeping it sufficiently cool would only add to that cost. Some consoles currently overheat and they aren't running anywhere near 10Ghz.

VirusE4026d ago

This thing needs to be fast or AMD is in trouble.

The Real Joker4026d ago

I was an AMD guy in the past but the Core 2 Duo really changed the market considerably. I built a hoss of a system recently and love my Core 2 Due(easy to overclock). Its strange how AMD's duel core didn't make a larger footprint. This thing better be received well for AMD's sake.

Itachi4026d ago

Has the name got something to do with the fantastic Four

Ronaldinho, Henry, ETO'0, Messi

Lex Luthor4026d ago

How much will this cost?

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