Tony Hawk's Proving Ground - Tricked Out

Kick-flips, finger-flips, manuals, nail the tricks, nail the grabs, etc... the possibilities are endless and the Proving ground is your oyster. HD video available following the link.

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VirusE4022d ago

yawn. Tony please god take just one year off, its getting to be too much.

Neoninja4022d ago

I don't get it why do tony hawk games sell? They are all the same.
In my opinion there hasn't been a good one since the first underground. Am I wrong?

jinn4022d ago

first- it's skateboarding
second- the franchise is getting old
third- should remain with old generation games
fourth- they've probably started on another tony hawk
fifth- did i mention it's skateboarding

s8anicslayer4022d ago

this series is gettin older, that is older then it was