Ninja Gaiden Sigma Downloadable Content Dated

Eidos Interactive today announced the first set of downloadable content for Ninja Gaiden Sigma will be available via the PlayStation Store from September 13th 2007. Ninja Gaiden Sigma for PlayStation 3 was released this June and has been highly praised by the media.

The downloadable content entitled "Survival Mode" is a battle-orientated mode that allows the player to fight an endless stream of enemies. Each of the three downloads provide various themed battles, plus there is a World Ranking available for each different theme. For those who have mastered the original Ninja Gaiden Sigma, this content will provide a battlefield to show off the skills they have accumulated.

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wotta3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

haha I said this was on Xbox 360 sorry about that, ps3 :), I should know I do have the game lol.

Maldread3847d ago

No worries, i don`t usually report anything, but this was just wrong, so i had to let you know. TnS is more the picky type as corrects almost anything hehe. Hey TnS, you should be an english teacher or book corrector ;) Sorry, just had to. You`re doing a great job really.

Vip3r3847d ago

yeah TnS gets really annoyed when something he doesn't like get approved. He PM's you and all.

wotta3847d ago

Not a problem mate, I would rather be corrected, especially with silly mistakes like that. :)

THE_JUDGE3847d ago

but kind of a lame DL. I'm still playing the game right now so I think I'll pass. I wish they would do more for the game.

MACHone3847d ago

...but I'm not paying money for some "bonus modes," even if it only ends up being six bucks.