The Top 10 Most Enjoyable Games of this Generation

The guys at Transmissions from the Void have each compiled a list of their most enjoyable games of this generation for both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

"As there haven't been many new PS3 releases that have taken my fancy over the last month or so I recently purchased a clutch of second hand games. Among the titles I bought were Mirrors Edge , Wolfenstein and Kane & Lynch. All 3 of these titles, while not blowing the critics away, I really enjoyed. This got me thinking about the titles that I've enjoyed playing the most on the PS3 regardless of whether they were critically lauded or not."

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aceofspades2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

theres alot of them, for me though, uncharted 2.

T9X692847d ago

Not trying to be a dick, but I'm sick of seeing the same Uncharted 2 comments on every article. There is more enjoyable games than just U2. Personally I've had more fun with LBP, MGO, K2, etc.

bjornbear2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

in your opinion. you are sick of peoples opinions, yet you express yours?

I agree though, its not MY most enjoyable game this gen either. So far its been Dead Space and LBP =)

purely from a game design and polish point of view though? U2 is up there at the top for sure.

DoomeDx2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

Uncharted 2 is great..but most enjoyable? Hell no!

When it comes to QUALITY, yeah UC2 wins.

but when it comes to most enjoyable, UC2 is faaaaar away

EDIT: Dont get me wrong though! UC2 is one of my favorite games.

(LOL @ disagrees. im not trolling.)

BannedForNineYears2847d ago


Imo, LBP was the most enjoyable game I've played.
So fun if you play multiplayer.

pwnzter2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )


So far, I've only finished kz 2, gta4, infamous, batman arkham asylum, oblivion, resistance 2.

out of those games, the ones I enjoyed the most were oblivion and definitely infamous.

I haven't finished gow collection(since I never played them on ps2), gow3, uncharted2, mod nation racers, metal gear solid 4(though I did see my bro playing through it to the end), mw2 and ufc 2010 so can't say anything about those games.


I've finished fable 2, mass effect 1 and 2, portal, episodes of liberty city.

my favorite of course was mass effect 1. liked 2 but 1 was much better in terms of story. can't wait till mass effect 3!

Have not finished bioshock 1 and 2, bayonetta, darksiders, dantes inferno, sacred 2 fallen angel, risen, sniper ghost warrior, soul calibur 4, sf 4, burnout paradise, infinite undiscovery, just cause 2, singularity, battle field 2 bad company, halflife 1 and 2, borderlands and ninety nine nights 2.

haven't even started gears 2 campaign. hated gears 1 and wont even get into 2. game fcking sucked.

too many damn games. thanks team xecuter :).

Wolverick2847d ago

Man what you been doing last 4 years not to of finished any of those games.

mastiffchild2847d ago

U2 is a great game and though people are sick of hearing that the reasoon it's so good is that it's quality translates just as well to enjoyment of the title. Great stuff.

Thatsaid i've enjoyed other games even more:MGS4 is, to me, still the best gaming experience of this generation and never disappoints me. Warhawk has given me most hours of on line gaming enjoyment and even now is a uniquely competitive and varied game for PSN users.-under rated and over performing in almost every way!

360 wise Gears2(played the first on PC as my 360 was "having a break" at the time)is a fantasicly fun romp only marred by, so bad it's funny, ending with it's one shot HoD death knell amazing me with it's crapness first time out! Also had it had dedicated servers it's online would have been great rather than patchy(sometimes great sometimes broken)from the get go. Still a great game that shines despite very obvious flaws which just shows how strong the core of it really is. Also, bg up to the first Crackdown which, like many, I bought for it's fringe benefits! thing is it was daft fun and a million times more well put together than it's "sequel" and to anyone not having played either I suggest playing the demo for the sequel and buying the better first game for a fiver-winner! Still amazes me they used the same exact place.

Multis-I REALLY liked The Darkness as a surprise game and think DS was much better than RE5 and also,on PC, L4D1 and 2 and mods are amazingly good games even if I felt more ripped off by the 360 version of the first than at any other time this generation. Seriously, £40 for a game so inferior to the PC version I bought on Steam for £20? Inferior in every way and Valve should do better for 360 gamers-a bit of a scandal in my book. If that's the level of support PAS3 owners can now expect i'd advise any fanboys waving Valve/PS3 flags to start worrying and stop gloating. Most upsetting part? No mods for 360 when UT3 allowed them on PS3. no reason for it and it's mainly what makes it so very great on PC.

Anyway, tons of enjoyable smaller releases and disc based games but those would be my main choices off the top of me bonce.

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kingofmetal792848d ago

Good shout...we have been spoilt in the last year or so with regards to great games!

Darkstorn2848d ago

Enjoyability is entirely relative. For me, it's gotta be Motorstorm or Uncharted. Maybe God of War III. Mind you, I don't think that any of those games are the best experiences this gen has to offer, but they are certainly the most enjoyable.

DelbertGrady2847d ago

I've had the most fun while playing Battlefield: BC 2 with a squad of friends.

The Meerkat2847d ago

Trails HD is number one on my list.

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