Manhunt 2 Appeal to Prove Lengthy, Costly

A new report claims that Rockstar's appeal to have Manhunt 2's UK ban overturned could take months to be resolved, leaving the publisher in a very awkward position.

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MikeJonesOK4061d ago


Is this in the PS3 section?

MACHone4061d ago

Let's hope a victory overseas might mean an appeal here in the States!

XENOCIDE4061d ago

As someone said before, I just hope they've figured out who's hands to grease to make all of this work out for 'em, and soon.

PS-Wii-604061d ago

but, they were in a related Condemned 2 thread.
So I'm posting them again since anyone interested might have missed them before.

marionz4060d ago

this game should be banned, along with gta bully and whatever else this crap company makes