Halo 3 Sets Preorder Sales Records, Soars Past 1 Million Milestone

Today, Microsoft Corp. announced that preorders in North America for the exclusive Xbox 360 title, Halo 3, have exceeded the 1 million milestone. In addition, Microsoft unveiled the first exciting details of upcoming promotions from leading consumer brands, including Mountain Dew, 7-Eleven, Pontiac, Comcast and Burger King Corp.

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StrboyM4063d ago

I heard people saying that this game was at 5mil preorders?....pfft thats what i get for believeing what i read on teh internet.

Marona4063d ago

It's from Halo fans.. what do you expect?

Daewoodrow4063d ago

I doubt it was ever as high as 5 million preorders, but don't forget this is just North America. So it's probably closer to 2 million, given every other country in the world have also been preordering it.

Don't forget, Gears of War sold 1 million in about a month, Halo 3 is theoretically set to sell at least 1 million in under a minute.

tplarkin74063d ago

It has nothing to do with fanboyism. It was rumoured that Gamestop had 4 million pre-orders.
"According to Gamestop officials, over four million preorders have been made for Halo 3 on Xbox 360. Xbox Evolved has verified this information at five different Greater Cincinnati Gamestop locations, including Gamestop stores, EB Games stores, and Funcoland stores, all under the same umbrella." http://xboxevolved.e-mpire....

NextGen24Gamer4063d ago

Now it’s getting scary. According to Gamestop officials, Halo 3 has hit the 4 million mark for pre-orders in North America. If you remember, Halo 2 had only 1.5 million pre-orders around the time it launched. Halo 3 still has between four to six months (depending on who you believe as to when the release date is) to go. This adds more fuel to the fire as to who will ultimately win the “biggest money maker” of this year between Halo 3 and seventh Harry Potter book (sorry Spider-Man and Jack Sparrow). Microsoft wants to come out on top, and with numbers like these already being confirmed, Master Chief just may kick the butt of that little British wizard (as he should).

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SuperSaiyan44063d ago

Only 1 million pre-orders??? Thats a lot less than the 7 I heard weird.

killercam194063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

worldwide they are talking about north america now and i never heard 7 mil i heard 4 mil

EDIT: to BYKLCR u fvcking cvnt i was just assuming and if it isnt worldwide where do the other 3 million preorders come from im sure at least some were in Europe correct, o and other countries in the world play halo since u know there are other territories apart from europe and America so maybe they preordered the game. So i dont know how me doing my math came up ur just a stupid fvcking azshole that jus wanted to say something.

EDIT: yea 2 mill in africa u fvcking f*g how bout orders in south africa, australia, south america, the caribbean islands, central america, india, ireland, korea, some in china hell maybe sum in japan.....they may not be "strongholds" but they add up.What i dont get is that microsoft in the article cleary states north america as 1 mill pre-orders not the rest of the world just the USA So if u still disagree please explain where the other 3 mill come from unless u think MSFT is just lying and saying its 1 mil instead of 4 mil, u explain that to me thats all i'm asking u cus u clearly dont have an argument

bYkICr4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Halo is not bigger in europe compare to the states and pre-order is something do don't ussually do here in europe. Can you do your math?

EDIT: Oh well, the states and europe are the strongholds of Halo...Can do your math again? Maybe 2million pre-order in Africa.

Crazyglues4063d ago

yeah that's a lot less then the 5 million I was hearing?

RBlaze4063d ago

...Preorders for this game have been very high in the UK. My friend works in game, and he says they recieve lots of preorders for the bigger games, especially when there are limited edition copies.

Besides that, 9 of my friends have this game on preorder that i know of. Preorders always get higher when people get worried that they might have to wait for something

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Rockstar4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

That's why it's always good to wait for the official word.

Still a healthy amount pre-order wise. I never pre-order anything unless there is a bonus thrown in.

TriggerHappy4063d ago

A million is not bad at all...

Salvadore4063d ago

MS sure knows who to market their products.