PlayStation Move: what it’ll really cost you

PlayStation Move will be released next month and we’re very excited here in Attitude Towers. We’ve all been impressed by how accurate Move is, and we like the look of the line-up – there’s a healthy mix of party games and hardcore titles to get us started. But there’s one thing left to take into consideration: the cost.

Sony say you can get started for £49.99/$99.99. However, if you shop around you can get started for less, in the UK at least. However, there are some additional costs; some which you might not have considered. Fear not, we’re on hand to let you know what you’ll actually be paying should you want the full Move experience.

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Echo3072782d ago

I've been wondering whether or not I should go with Move or Kinect for motion control gaming, and it looks like Move is going to be a lot cheaper for me personally.

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OmarJA-N4G2782d ago

Too bad 8800gtx card was a failure & overrated.

Substance1012782d ago

While I don't support the troll. 8800gtx was a great card, I still have it in one of my rigs. Still runs games maxxed out.

The real killer2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

yeah, the 8800GTX was a great card, but he call himself as 8800GTS is a 360/PC gamer becouse he troll everything at GPU this GPU that.

He is funny, he hate Sony becouse if Ken said that PS3 is capble of 120FPS and games in 1080p withs is true for a part:)

And 8800GTX, can you please do normal or keep you mouth?

And i get the disagree's without any argument? still very funny :)

RankFTW2782d ago

8800gtx is a troll for sure but the actual 8800GTX card was an awesome piece of hardware for its time.

fishd2782d ago

Don't be so hard on him,he is a PC gamer and has no games to play,just leave him alone!

hoops2781d ago

What PS3 games are at TRUE 1080P running at 120fps?
Please list them....And when you do they will be all PSN titles with basic graphics.

tokugawa2781d ago


because i will not be buying it, just like i wont be buying kinetic!!

donc voila!!

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tinybigman2782d ago

gonna cost me $80 here in the states as i already had the Eye for Burnout Paradise. i'm thinking now that i might get a 2nd move controller so in total that will be $130. for me it will be $80/130 well spent since they work with actual core games and that's all i want from it.

tinybigman2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

who's the hater telling me how i should spend my hard earned money? are you telling me i should spend more on a camera with games that are shovelware?

you sir whoever it is are a loser.

yup the disagrees confirm a lot of loser fanboys out there.

Blaine2781d ago

I try not to let it bother me since disagrees are completely inconsequential, but it's hard not to be annoyed when people disagree with something that is a personal statement of fact and don't even bother leaving a reply.

I think I'll be getting two Move wands like you, and a sub-controller. I don't have a PSEye, though, but I don't think I'll get the bundle. I'm leaning toward getting the eye off eBay or something.

YourCall2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

If you want the product, buy what you want. But all of you guys claiming that you are not going to buy a subcontroller or two are simply lying. I already know I am buying the starter pack, and extra move conroller and two sub controllers. It's cost me about 210 bucks, and if it proves to be fun, then I'm fine with that.

But I know we will have a bunch of "Closet" subcontroller owners that are on N4G claiming that they don't need one because they are for some reason trying to protech Move's price point.

Blaine2781d ago

The two people in the thread you replied to (tiny and me) both stated we were going to buy two move controllers and one sub-controller. So which one of us is kidding himself thinking he won't buy the sub?

Scotland-The-Brave2781d ago

@your call
I am not lying i can buy what i like.
I am not going to buy a subcontroller, so what? Am i hurting you?
Trying to protect moves price lol? WTF you on about

YourCall2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Take it easy guys, I wasn't speak to you guys directly. I have read a many a time where people on N4G have stated that they are not buying the Sub Controllers, I can just foresee the DS controller being cumbersome and people going out and buying the sub controller even though they claim not to.

If you want to get butt hurt and take the sh!t personal, then that is up to you. But I say again, I wasn't directing my comment at "ANYONE" directly. However I do stand by what I say, a lot of people that claim not to be buying the sub-controller will but it, and they already know that they will.

Price it how you want, a single setup for Move cost, 130 bucks. Starter kit, and one sub controller. 120 if you buy separately.

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gamingdroid2782d ago

I didn't know the PS Move bundle didn't come with a full game, but instead a demo disc:

"The starter pack will offer hours of entertainment. It has one Move controller, a PlayStation Eye camera and a disk with nine demos."

Lazyeye792781d ago

The UK starter pack will include the demo disc, but the US starter pack will include the game Sports Champions.


Not only will cost you more cheaper.

You will have more Variety than Kinect.

Move have more than 40 Games (I can show you the list) to be supported, and that include real next gen Hardcore Games.

Blaine2781d ago

Woooooooo SORCERY!! ... Umm, I meant to say Socom.

(On a not entirely unrelated note: I saw Sorcery listed for 40$ on Amazon... Interesting! I'll have to see more of the game.)

YourCall2781d ago

Did you read the entire article?

Echo3072781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Yes. I already have a camera and I doubt I'll be playing multiplayer in the same house. So that means one move controller and one sub controller. $80 is cheaper than $150, and even if I did decide that I need another move controller, that's $130. But since 2 move controllers are not mandatory, I'm not sure if I'll do it.

Did you read the article?

Anon19742781d ago

So it'll just cost me $49.99 for Move. I saw you don't need the navigation controller, that a regular controller does the same thing. Depending on how that goes I might grab another Move controller somewhere down the line.

Scary692781d ago

What is the release date in the states for the move? I have seen two dates 17 and the 21st of Sept. Just not sure which one is correct.

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whoelse2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Much better deal for UK gamers than any other region as Move with controller and game costs the same as the RRP for a full retail game. Kinect will have a lot of competition there.

Zir02782d ago

Its not always about price. In the UK every shop selling games is backing Kinect over Move. No matter which one you go in you will see a bunch of Kinect posters advertising it even though its miles away, with a single mention of Move. More people are being made aware of Kinect and just by making Move cheaper doesn't mean people will know its there.

PSboy2782d ago

I actually find that where i live and online, there are alot of Move promotions

Wh15ky2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Both Move and Kinect seem to have equal share of advertising where I live.
I have also found the same online, in fact in some cases more Move online. Tesco is one of the cheapest websites to preorder Move (Starter pack £44, Move £34, Nav £24) yet I haven't managed to find Kinect at all on the tesco website.

Asda has both Kinect and Move available for preorder.

Zir02782d ago

Online I haven't seen much ads for either except on GAME's website, which focused on Kinect for some time. But instores its mostly Kinect.

Kinect probably isn't on Tesco because its still to early for them. Since its not exactly just a game store.

fooltheman2781d ago

Here in belgium in carrefour... only kinect...
I don't see any sense in's still 3 months away...

Scotland-The-Brave2781d ago

Well thats complete BS! all the gaming shops round me are advertising both quite alot, infact id say move more

fooltheman2781d ago

Well In the carrefour in belgium..I say...
or should I say around Bruges...
It's part off releasing the new Xbox...

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Wh15ky2782d ago

"Much better deal for UK gamers"

The UK starter pack for £49.99 comes with a demo disc where as the US starter pack for $99.99 comes with Sports Champions. We're getting a better deal here in the UK compared to what we usually get but it's not any better than the USs deal.

JakemanPS319942782d ago

The US also gets a demo disk. i remeber reading on the blog

NecrumSlavery2782d ago

US demo is coming to the store as free dlc, not on disc. I read that somewhere.

jack_burt0n2781d ago

move is £29.99 in the uk @
sub controller is £17.99 @
the games are all £24.99 @

Alos882782d ago

I don't know, but Kinect'll cost you an arm and a leg- twice!

T9X692782d ago

Move will cost the same if not more than Kinect for 2 players for everything and a game if you don't own 2 DS3, or want to use sub controllers. $100 + $50 just for 2 Moves, PS Eye, and a game. Even if you own a PS Eye that is still $100 for 2 Moves + $40 for a game + $30-$50 if you need another DS3 or want a sub controller. Even for 1 player, $50 is not that big of a difference to be called and arm and a leg, especially considering Kinect can be used for other things besides games.

Alos882782d ago

It was a joke. Y'now, because it's a motion controller that you can only control with your body?

ChozenWoan2782d ago

Motion gaming on the PS3 can be as little as...

$40 PSeye + $15 Kung Fu Live = $65 of pure winsauce

Thus you get the most hardcore controller free gaming to be released this year, and hands down the cheapest way to enjoy motion gaming.

tinybigman2781d ago

like friends can bring their own controllers over if they wanna play move games. i already own 2 DS3 controllers also.

MajestieBeast2782d ago

59'99 euro for camera,move and demo disc here where i am i dont think thats bad.

M4ndat0ry_1nstall2782d ago

or motion gaming in general. I'll stick to controllers.

Though having said that, I can see consumers adapting to MOVE a lot more than Kinect, simply due to the price point and the fact that it's similar to the wiimote.