Beware the 'Sony buying Rockstar' rubbish

The kids are waving their rumour flags again this morning, sending the internet on fire (the naive part, anyway) with claims that Sony Computer Entertainment is about to buy GTA house, Rockstar.

It sounds like another example of a fan's wet dream to CVG.

In summary; it wouldn't make sense for Sony, it wouldn't make sense for Take Two and it wouldn't make sense for Rockstar.

Rockstar expectedly told CVG, "we don't comment on rumour or speculation", and this time CVG thinks it's actually because they're following protocol, and not because there's a bigger story hiding under the cloth. Although it wouldn't hurt to just come out and say it's all bollocks, would it?

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kingofps34026d ago

CVG vs. PSU. I wonder why CVG has to be a b1tch about this.

Captain Tuttle4026d ago

Because CVG is a legitimate site.

kingofps34026d ago

Oh! Sorry, I didn't know that since "CVG is a legitimate site," they can be b1tch about everything.

Thanks for informing me, Mr. Captain Turtle ;)

masterg4026d ago

Why is CVG calling it rubbish.
They know absolutely nothing about the case.
I'm not saying it true, but this article is worse.
At least PSU had some sources. This is just guessing.

InMyOpinion4026d ago

PSU gets their sources from other sites forums...

Bathyj4026d ago

I agree MasterG. (hey that rhymes.)

CVG are being very co cky, adamant and downright rude for someone who doesn't actually know anything, and are just guessing.

And the deal makes more sense for all parties then they are letting on. Why wouldn't it be good for Sony, not just now, but for next gen too. I dont think R* had any problems selling games on PS hardware. PS would become known as the console to have for R* fans. And as for why would T2 get rid of them? You might be surprised. Just about all the trouble T2 are in now goes back to R* and Hot Coffee, not to mention Manhunt 2. And its not like R* is all they have.

Anyway like MasterG said I dont know either way, but neither do CVG. They sound like the kids they are accussing PSU of being.

MK_Red4026d ago

Good find. That was one crazy rumor, PSU was getting better and better lately but these types of rumors really hurt its reputation.

s8anicslayer4026d ago

i still wouldn't call it false, they didn't deny it!

Omegasyde4025d ago

PSU is usually good on thier sources but like the name implies they are bias towards the PS3 and rarely give bad news. CVG is a very respectable site and magazine, that has been around for alot longer than

PS: Here's how the rumor started (most likely):

Part 1: No rockstar GTA trailer at E3 for Sony on the ps3.

Part 2: R*, apologizes. Rockstar then signs a deal about acouple of exclusive games coming soon for the PS3.(games come out in 2008-09)

Part 3: An apology and future exclusive releases? AND THE FORUMS GO WILD with speculation. Eventually the speculation gets out of hand and we have a wide spread rumor.

"R* "bit" the hand that once fed them. Now feeling shame for that action, R* wants to re-establish that commitment to the company that made R* what it is today." <Factual Truth>

Translation in Fanboyism:

OMFG R* is Soneeze Bioc##es! SONY got that arse on the lock down. The ps thripple gonna make sure R* works that corna all nite!


Most rumors are started by underage kids with no grasp between reality and actual economics. If Sony did buy R*, wouldn't they have to give MS their 50mil back? ~$500+million, for one developer? Microsoft would buy R* long before Sony did. Sony would have to pawn in thier own game studios to afford that.

This is almost as good as the whole confusion that Microsoft bought Imersion technologies and was the only ones doing rumble "exclusive".

But then again EA owns a lot of Ubi. Can't wait for EA to make
Tom Clancy's NFL Battlefield 1996: Starring joe Montana

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TriggerHappy4026d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

grabs popcorn..This will be good.

All for CVG agree

All for PSU Disagree

EDIT: PSU is ahead as of right now

Zhuk4026d ago

my bet is on CVG, but prove me wrong! *gets choc top*

RadientFlux4026d ago

I Agree unlike PSU. CVG has nothing gain by making stuff up.

masterg4026d ago

PSU has nothing to gain by making stuff up either.

Bazookajoe_834026d ago

It´s probably that sony has bought some exclusivity rather than the whole studio..

Zhuk4026d ago

apparently Sony dont 'buy exclusives' because they're such a moral and just company that never does any wrong.

Daz4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Anything wrong lol they have done things wrong, like everyone has a least once.

Bazookajoe_834026d ago

Like we don´t buy we only support, wich are the same thing with diffrent words. But my guess is that both Sony and M$ fight the same way.

aaquib24026d ago

Sony means they don't go to a studio and say "Here's $50M, make an exclusive game for us," or "Here's $50M, we want this game exclusive for our system." Sony just sits at their office, and companies approach them, and if Sony feels like it'll showcase the technology of the PS3, then they'll provide development and marketing funds. It's different, and I like Sony's method better.

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aaquib24026d ago

Every article there is regarding 360, or something negative about PS3. CVG and every xbox 360 fan is BURNING with this news. It's simple really: Rockstar makes extremely high quality games, Sony worldwide studios make extremely high quality games. This move could be the end of the 360 if true, which it probably will be. Sony has money, Rockstar wants some. They practically only develop games for Sony platforms only, so they'd happily take tons of millions for it.

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