Sony game for Indian market

Sony Online Entertainment has licensed rights to Virgin Comics' "Ramayan 3392" with plans to use the property to expand into the nascent Indian vidgame market.

SOE, a subsid of Sony Pictures that makes multiplayer online videogames like "Everquest," is putting together a development team in India to work on the game with the goal of releasing it in 2010.

Though "Ramayan 3392" has been in release for only a year, it's based on an ancient Sanskrit epic well known in India. SOE is hoping that it will prove as popular a fantasy property as "Lord of the Rings" is in the U.S.

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jesuisankit4024d ago

I have read the comics and they are pretty good. Has some nice characters too. I hope they do justice to the comics and hope is has a single player story mode to it :D

ShiftyLookingCow4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

who cares?

Gorgon4024d ago

Indians care. US isn't (fortunately) the whole world, you know?