GTAIV - Which one would you pick, PS3 or X360 version?

A big factor in the purchase of electronics is price, and you'll need to spend some cash to be able to play Grand Theft Auto IV when it releases for the PS3 and Xbox 360 early next year. Not only will the Microsoft drop its Xbox 360 price within the next few hours, but you also have the opportunity to get a brand new PlayStation 3 for $349.99.

To get this price, you must order the PlayStation 3 at and buy it with a Sony card that you must apply and be approved for. Once approved, you get a $150 credit to your Sony card account within 8-12 weeks, thus dropping the current 60GB PS3 price from the already, yet only temporary, dropped $500 price tag down to $350. For a full explanation of this, go here.

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P4KY B3943d ago

Beacause all my friends have 360s and i can private chat with them while i'm playing.

tehcellownu3943d ago

one word HOME!! Also i have a psp so im goin to be using it with the game..hehe..

paracardium3943d ago

Ps3 version cause it will be 1 disc and all my buds have a ps3 also.

killercam193943d ago

when was gta 4 announced to be on 2 disks

Daz3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

2 disc wow so hard to change, it will kill if you do that im warning you.

People find to hard now thats funny and so lazy lol

rubarb233943d ago

I'll be playing the 360 version. when ps3 owners are done playing it, 360 owners will still be playing it with new fresh content....on one disc. enjoy your play time, i'll let you know how the "full experience" is.

MarioFromTexas3943d ago

I'll be playing the get away and eight days...

SlappyMcTaint3943d ago

I've got the "Full Experience" in my pants. right now. no waiting.

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THC CELL3943d ago

but ps3 version cause i feel it will be better
and Home integrated (i think)

P4KY B3943d ago

What does Home integrated mean?

Can you take your guns out of GTA4 and hang them on your wall? Or take a pimped up ride and park it in your garage? Or massacre people in home using a baseball bat from GTA.

If so, then that would be really smart.

jtmill073943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

That really would be sweet if the guns were able to hang the on the wall in home as trophies

mighty_douche3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

you douche.... he means 'home' the soon to be released feature of PSN, perhaps you'll be able to use your grand theft charactor as your avatar in home and be able to jump in and out of the game etc!

@ P4KY B.... again...

right 1. if you know what home is the why ask your original question??
2. how the hell am i ment to know how they will intergrate it i dont work for sony/rockstar tit, try reading other comments, other people have come up with some informed answers! try reading next time, god i hate the school holidays.... nubs....

@ P4KY B.... again agian....

sorry nub i miss read you wanted to know how they're intergrated, now i understand, you want some one to tell you how something not released for 6 months will intergrate with something unreleased for 8 months! oh well im sure there are lots of people on here who will be able to answer your questions as everyone here is the go-between for sony and rockstar arent they...... noobs.....

P4KY B3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

No sh!t Sherlock.

But HOW will GTA integrate with home.
It cant just be the avatar. There must be more to it.

I F***ing know what home is!
You are indeed a mighty_douche

@mighty_douche a.k.a Mr Hard of Thinking

The original question was what does Home integration mean? Within the context of GTA4
The question was aimed at anyone who knew the answer. Not you, who doesn't f'ing know.
And if you look at the chronology of the comments you'll see my question was posted before all the others so all the comments that have an answer are in fact answers to my questions.

@mighty_douche a.k.a Mr Doesn't know when to quit.
Would it be too hard to imagine that there might have been some information given out about how the two systems link together.
Lots of information exists on games which ar several months from release. I was hoping that someone might have read something that i haven't and then they could have told me.
If there is full integration with cars, guns, costumes it could be fun. But if its just a stupid badge for your wall once you've completed it them i think i will stick with my 360 achievements.
And everytime i consider something that may be good about the PS3 some tit like you opens his mouth and reminds me that i'm better off with the more mature 360 owners.

V2oom3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

I understand your point but please watch you language. There is no need for all of the expletives.

@ mighty_douche
U got Pwn'd

Oh and 360 version for me.

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Sevir043943d ago

other than that i'll pass

actionjackson3943d ago

You can only do the same things so many times. One week is good for me.

Silvanos3943d ago

I bought the last one and played it twice, rental.

BIadestarX3943d ago

Same here.. Rockstar will never see my money again... Table Tenis was last game I ever buy from them... I don't finance crooks...

ParaDise_LosT3943d ago

I agree.... xD
Now that GTA4 is 08, I'd rather get Alan Wake..
GTA feels alil old now...
and I was never a fan of any of its other instalments...

So I'll pass too.

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Crazyglues3943d ago

Because I have always played GTA on Playstation and have loved them all, I'm sure the xbox 360 version will be just as good, but I think I might be just use to the Playstation controller.

Plus it's not like PS3 has a whole lot of good games, so anything I can get to add to the library I'll take it. Because lord knows we need them right now.

(I haven't played my PS3 in months, I'm on Rainbow Six:Vegas on the 360 and I love that game)