Everquest III, Code Named Next, Details Revealed

Everquest III to be more like Everquest 1 in some aspects.

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Raoh2846d ago

interesting, i've been hoping for some everquest news.. but i was hoping more for a seqeul to everquest online adventures from the ps2

OhReginald2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Okay damn I hope they don't **** this one up again. As a huge everquest 1 fan, there where a lot of things that bugged me about everquest 2. When that game launched it was a disaster, sure you will say that all mmorpgs from the start have a lot of bugs and features missing, but everquest 2 was the best example of how things in a mmorpg can go wrong.

1. No need for a crazy high-end gaming PCs. Do not alienate the casuals. This is how World of warcraft succeeded. People with low-end systems were capable of running the game while having the game still look good.

2. Shut down servers for everquest 1, and a year or two later shut down servers for everquest 2. This will flock every one to the next everquest.

3. We need a beta. A huge beta. One that lasts a long time. This game needs to be inspected by the fans.

4. Do not call it everquest 3. Reboot the whole franchise. Just simply call it "Everquest" again.

Alos882845d ago

I disagree with your second point, there are still people who play the original game and switching off the servers would be a slap in the face to those who are still enjoying it , it would lower the number of interested participants, not increase them.

INehalemEXI2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

They should make eq 1 free2play as long as you subscribe for eq3, eq2 just blew I agree. A reboot sounds good.

Celeras2845d ago

"This is how World of warcraft succeeded. People with low-end systems were capable of running the game while having the game still look good."

"having the game still look good"

Lol. For every casual like yourself, there's a hardcore itching for the eyecandy. And these are the people who would play EQ anyway... let the casuals have WoW.

Panthers2845d ago

I think you are wrong. Most people that would want to play MMOs cant handle great graphics, especially in an MMO. Blizzard is smart. They have low system reqs, but allow people with much better comps to play at much higher settings. There is no reason to alienate those fans, especially when the MMO market is so tight right now, pretty much owned by WoW, and then you have SWToR coming out soon.

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BlackIceJoe2846d ago

I would really enjoy an Everquest game for the PS3. So I hope Everquest Next comes out on the PS3 too & not just the PC.

Bolts2845d ago

It has been tried once before and Everquest on the console sucked hard, in fact the game died a slow quite death. I don't see why Sony would want to revisit that lesson again.

DeadlyFire2845d ago

I think they are going to try it again. They are looking at PS3 as a platform for MMOs now with a few planned MMOs from SOE coming to PS3. Its possible they will revisit it. Maybe in a new way though.

dragonelite2845d ago

I like the fable look to it

Bolts2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

For some reason the Everquest sequels are crused with incompetence and mismanagement. Which is strange because more than any other MMO the Everquest name is just too big to fail. But time and time again it has done just that.

1. Everquest: Awesome, still the most immersive MMO ever. It's the Demon Souls of MMOs. Hardcore as hell and both awe inspiring and terrifying at the same time.

2. Everquest 2: This game was the WoW version of Everquest before WoW even existed. It's marred by a completely lousy engine to this very day and still suffering from piss poor art design.

3. Vanguard: The second coming of the hardcore Everquest but it too was dogged by technical issues. The game was a buggy crash prone mess at release and players too used to WoW's easy mode started leaving in droves.

4. Everquest Next: Risky and probably doomed to fail. Somehow this game must find it's own identity in the post Everquest, WoW, Everquest 2, and LOTRO world. Good luck with that. Whatever SOE is cooking up has to be rock solid and the technology behind it must be ready from the get go this time around.

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