Even More Halo 3 Scans

Here are some more scans showing Halo 3.

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Daz4025d ago

4th pic down the brute looks mean cant wait to kill it lol ;0

SuperSaiyan44025d ago

Does anyone else here don't want any more images? I just want the game now!!!

Daz4025d ago

i would like to see one decent single player video and i want the game now.

rubarb234025d ago

just give me the game NOW!!! WA WA WA WA WA WAWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

deepio4025d ago

How do we view larger versions of these pics??

Happy Hippo4024d ago

You click on the pictures and the picture viewer shows the picture. Ypu then right-click on the picture and say show picture - and you got a much larger version

deepio4024d ago

Thanks, I just did save picture in the end. Once you enlarge some of them, there's plenty of detail to be in this one...

datoejama4025d ago

What Mag are these from? Some of these aren't in EGM this month

deepio4025d ago

These are from a UK magazine called Edge.

TriggerHappy4025d ago

MSFT has confirmed this morning that the game has a million pre-orders already.

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The story is too old to be commented.