Teacher's "killing" in Grand Theft Auto YouTube video causing concern

A 28-second video on YouTube featuring Grand Theft Auto 3 footage is causing some concern. The video, entitled "marlborough boys college. mr wright gets f***ed up", shows a GTA character in a car, representing teacher Mr. Wright, get shot several times by a sniper rifle. An adolescent voice off camera says: "goodbye Mr. Wright" before shooting the character. Another voice then directs the gamer to examine the scene. Police say the post looks like kids just having fun, but an education specialist believed it was a little more alarming and there was cause for concern. Mr. Wright was reportedly unaware of the video. He did not watch it and declined to comment.

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Zidandy3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

In all honesty I just couldn't care. :(

eclipsegryph3997d ago

Women have been asking that question since the beginning of civilization.

genix133997d ago

Lmao, bubbles for you that was hilarious

eclipsegryph3997d ago

After reading the article and all, to be fair, if I was Mr. Wright and found out about this, I'd be a bit worried about this kid. Maybe it's because I'm also an instructor, I don't know. But it's one thing to create your own medium in which to vent some anger at persons you don't like. (Naming soon to be dead video game characters after said person, putting the person into a story, etc.), but it's another to share that with other people. Then you have people, like right now, deliberating over whether or not you "meant it". Regardless, it appears to be a lack of common sense and forethought on this kid's part.

risk3997d ago

he must be a real d!ck to have a youtube video named/made after him.