Cheaper Sony PSP Might Be Developed is sure most of you are aware of the lighter and slimmer PSP that was announced at E3 last week.

At the time, they only heard, like the rest of us, about a couple of "Entertainment Packs" that would bundle in a game or some other UMDs to complete the $200 package. Apparently, you may soon be able to get a brand spanking new PSP for even less than that...

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SuperSaiyan44059d ago

I clearly remember Kaz saying the new PSP will be cheaper than the old one like a few weeks ago.

Mr Murda4059d ago

Seriously, I've owned two PSP's and either time I wasn't impressed. The UMD novelty wore off on me quick. It's got a lot of features, but doesn't execute any of them well.

Don't even give the fanboy comments, cause I've owned all of Nintendo's handhelds as well, and sold all of those too.

I'm just not into handheld gaming. The closest thing I get to handheld gaming anymore is my laptop.

witchking4059d ago

My son wants one for his birthday. A price drop to $149 would be nice.