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Submitted by Games4M - Rob 2009d ago | preview

Little Big Planet 2: Thoughts on gameplay from beta rooms event

Dualshockers: I recently got to the chance to play Little Big Planet 2 at Sony’s recent Beta Room event in the UK and I can sum up my experience with one single word – “WOW”. Check out the video above to see my reactions and thoughts on what I believe is a very strong contender for GOTY 2010. (LittleBigPlanet, LittleBigPlanet 2, PS3, Sony)

Nitrowolf2  +   2009d ago
I hope Sony has a open beta for this game
Nicaragua  +   2009d ago
A beta would be a nice sweetener but it really dosnt matter. Base on what i have seen and what this guy says then its a day one purchase for me.
-Alpha  +   2009d ago
Yeah, I agree, I trust Media Molecule. The thing with LBP is that it's a giant learning process and a game that builds on top of it's predecessor. LBP1 was pretty much the beta for LBP2 and I know that the devs have been paying clear attention to us.

As long as jumping can be tuned, gravity can be tuned, loading and lag is fixed, and creation becomes easier (along with the ability to create/publish something with multiple users) then I'll be fine. And since all of that is apparently in the game with a ton more being added I'm just super excited.

Regardless I'd like a beta just to play the game early and find bugs for these guys.
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Nicaragua  +   2009d ago
I know that gravity can be tweaked during level creation as we played one level which was like an LBP version of Unreal Tournament deathmatch, with really low gravity and missile launchers - it was pure awesome. Played out kind of like a long range version of super smash bros.

Anyway your right to be excited, i cant wait :)
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despair  +   2009d ago
Also creating sequential episodes that automatically cycle through as you play would be great, imagine making a game series that does not require you to find each chapter but loads one after the other.
-Alpha  +   2009d ago
Oh, what I REALLY want is the ability to program characters. So if someone makes an RPG they should have the ability to save stats-- if at the end of the level I have 3 life, 2 strength, 4 magic, etc, it should save for a sequel or the next level like despair suggested (cycled levels).

Cycled levels are actually confirmed from the trailer.


that sounds awesome.

It'd be really cool if they can add FPS, or just depth. But I suppose that's for LBP3. When they add depth then that is going to take LBP to a whole other dimension (pun intended).
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Games4M - Rob  +   2009d ago
I remember some of the PR hype for the first LBP were media molecule described it as being a platform rather than a single game - I dont think that quite came to fruition on the first game because you were always limited to the 2D ish, 3 tier platform game.

thats completely gone out of the window in LBP 2 and we saw some carzy stuff. I really do think that the only limit on this game is going to be peoples imaginations.
Nicaragua  +   2009d ago
Yeah i remember that speel.

The "cat beast thing" you mention in the video just makes me think of that creature in The Last Guardian.
MariaHelFutura  +   2009d ago
LBP2 has the potential to be one of the best/the best game ever created. When considering how the community ran wild w/ the first game, LBP2 is going to create some epic levels/games. Faster, Better, Stronger. LOL.
mrv321  +   2009d ago
I just want LBP2 to screw with reviewers and GOTY awards, because there's racing and shoot em ups. They may have to create a new genre 'Play create share.'
D4RkNIKON  +   2009d ago
Maybe it will win in multiple categories lol.

Racing GOTY goes to LBP2
Shooter GOTY goes to LBP2
Platformer GOTY goes to LBP2

haha just kidding but who knows lol
mrv321  +   2009d ago
Racing GOTY goes to GT5 :p
thevokillist  +   2009d ago
I have been patiently waiting for this title since I heard about it. I'm so stoked to be able to create actual games, and not just levels. I was a big fan of the first, and solely purchased it on the fact that I could create my own world. This is honestly one of the most original games that has been released on any console. Hands down!
Hitman0769  +   2009d ago
Hell yeah I'm excited for the new features being added to this.
olit123  +   2009d ago
The gameplay going to be so diverse in the new game I can't see myself getting bored at all.
Focker420  +   2009d ago
November 16th can't come soon enough. I really hope they announce a beta at GamesCom in 2 weeks. Killzone 3 & LBP2 OMG it would EPIC.
Si-Fly  +   2009d ago
It'll be a playstation plus beta, mark my words, and I will finally feel justified in shelling out my 40 quid!

Media Molecule I love you but announce the European collectors edition already damn you!!
idakev   2009d ago | Spam
00000000000000000001  +   2009d ago
I'll pass playing with dolls, just not my cup of tea!
Nicaragua  +   2009d ago
It might not be "your cup of tea" but there is no need to try and belittle an amazing franchise.

Anyway what is your cup of tea ?

Playing soldiers ?
Space Marines ?
Vroom Vroom race cars ?

Its not like any other genre is amazingly mature so quit being such a cunt.
Si-Fly  +   2009d ago
Playing your fps's is only one step up from playing with your GI Joes dude.
olit123  +   2009d ago
Why don't you try and open your mind a bit more to new and BRILLIANT experiences like LBP2 will be.
olit123  +   2009d ago
Woops, looks like I should have saved my persuasion comment, everyone of this guys comments are pro MS and anti-Sony. Obvious troll.
1942  +   2009d ago
you can go ahead and continue playing with yourself for all we care. the 1st game was a success for many reasons none being because of you.
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clarkdef  +   2009d ago
The only thing you know how to play is your penis
OmarJA-N4G  +   2009d ago
That doll got a GOTY title & more awards than all of your precious FPSs combined.
Si-Fly  +   2009d ago
Come to think of it I have two plastic Sackboy dolls that sit either side of my ps3 ... but I only play with the on screen ones, honest!
Bedrockk  +   2009d ago
i think this is the game that will push me over the edge to finally buy a PS3 ...
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2009d ago
Welcome to the darkside.
patsfan2007  +   2009d ago
Can't wait.
roops  +   2008d ago
Hey Rob I was there on that same friday night, actually seen you doing that video :) My main attraction was LBP2 too. I had seen many gameplay videos and was excited to see it upclose. Maybe my expectations were too high but this looked like a very early build of lbp2 they had at the beta room. There were only 3 levels and lacked the polish of what i had seen online. Please correct me if my perception is wrong but the framerate seemed choppy and there was a lot of aliasing (was looking forward to the highly touted MLAA but could not notice it) But hey i still loved it and just put this down to it being a pre-pre-alpha! Also wonder why they had it on only 2 ps3s facing a wall hidden away in a corner, wasn't easy to find!?!
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