Game Console Wars Rage: What A Difference $100 Makes

Gamers have said it. Sales have proven it. $600 is too much for a video game console. In July, Sony (SNE) finally recognized this widespread belief and dropped the price of its 60gig PS3 to $500 last month.

This certainly hasn't caused stock boys across the world to dust off the PS3 surplus with any sense of urgency (and probably won't), but could $499 be the magical price point where a PS3 purchase becomes feasible?

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Daz3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

might as well turn this site in to a game sales and charts domain because thats all we bloody get for news latly.

Zhuk3813d ago

you'd think that the people on this site were stock brokers lol

ReBurn3812d ago

So become a contributor and submit the news you would like to see.

teh_bear3812d ago

Right before GC, right before TGS, right before holiday releases, people are bored.

Daz3812d ago

What about playing games or havent you got any? or go out with friends?

bootsielon3812d ago

I'm getting sick of these complaints. If you don't like these news, don't bother commenting. This is "News 4 gamers", not "News about games". Gamers like this stuff, GTFO.

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ldysabella3813d ago

With all its capabilities as a game machine and as a Blue-ray player, I feel the price point for the PS3 is appropriate. It's just not affordable for most gamers. Don't forget that once the 60g machines sell out, they are gone and the regular $600 price is back, unless Pachter is right and Sony drops the price to coincide with the release of GTA IV next year.

BIadestarX3812d ago

I think Sony should patent their sale charts... theme parks can really use it to design roller coasters.... is crazy how fast their sells drop....

trane073812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Let that fanboy out. Keep on letting it out. Its no mystery. Stop playing the charade.

BIadestarX3812d ago

This comes from Someone that's always insulting anyone that favors or say something positive about the xbox 360....

"Step up off that MS dildo and get some comment sense. " don't call me fanboy... fanboy!

dantesparda3812d ago

But he's right Bladestar, you are a famboy, period! if you dont like the truth, then change it. All your opinions are biased, end of story. So give it a rest. You aint fooling anybody (except maybe yourself)

s8anicslayer3812d ago

i coud understand this, but they would thay go back to $599?

ReBurn3812d ago

I paid the same amount for my Premium 360 and wireless networking adapter 15 months ago, so $499 was something I was willing to pay. Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed with the selection of available games. Please don't give me a list of what's coming, because I already know.

I am happy about the movie playback the machine offers. The DVD upscaling is the best I've seen so far and I like Blu-ray movies as well.

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