EU PS Store update details

Threespeech has revealed what is going to be available on the EU store today.

- Gran Turismo - PS Premiere Event Trailer
- Heavenly Sword - Legend of the Sword video
- Heavenly Sword - Making of video
- Ghost Rider - Blu-ray movie trailer
- The Covenant - Blu-ray movie trailer

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jromao4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

Lair demo keeps missing.

Update: Yesterday I played Stranglehold demo (1.3 GB) on 360 and it's very good, good gameplay and physics, except the camera view, camera move bit slow and seems stuck, that's what they should fix, anyway this Stranglehold will be a hit in FPS/TPS gamers for sure.

techie4064d ago

You won't get that until after Lair has released. The demo's you should be looking out for are Ratchet and Clank, and Stranglehold.

Sevir044064d ago

with maddens popularity i'm sure a Madden 08 demo a StrangleHold demo and the Ratchet demo would pop up some time this month, but whats really gonna have the PSN busy this month is the warhawk game being downloaded for those who decide to go that route. ^^ thats going to be the most downloaded thing for the PSN untill GT5 prologue and Socom confrontation drops. should be interesting to see

pandabear4064d ago

Really disapointed with that list, was hoping for Rachet or Stranglehold demo - Stranglehold demo on xfixit ;-(

LSDARBY4064d ago

The US Store had better get a demo

MACHone4064d ago

A pretty skimpy list. I had a feeling those Heavenly Sword videos would show up. Expect all five of them to show up, one of each a week. I'd really like a Folklore demo, too.

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The story is too old to be commented.