Here Comes Halo 3 -- With a Side Order of Fries

The article by The Wall Stree Journal does a good job of showing how big of a deal Halo 3 is. Microsoft is going to be pumping millions into the promotion of this title and you can expect to see Master Chief's helmet everywhere as we enter the fall -- on drinks cans, on your french fries, and of course on your television screens.

Halo is one of a handful of games that seemed to strike a broader pop-culture nerve. Microsoft says it has sold a combined 14.8 million copies of the first and second installments of Halo since the original game's release in 2001. That suggests sales of around $600 million for both, putting the haul of each game slightly ahead of the domestic box office sales of movies like "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" and "X-Men: The Last Stand."

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MrWonderful4064d ago

14.8 million combined of the first 2 halo games since 2001? thats not alot. other games such as final fantasy and resident evil just the single games out sell that

Xeoset4064d ago

All Final Fantasy's combined only hit 80 million sold.

There's 4 for the DS alone, 7 on the PS2, 4 for the Gamecube, 2 for the NES, 4 for the SNES, 1 for the 360 and many more.

Jo0j4064d ago

...that there are only about 22m Xbox's out in the world.

Bombomb4064d ago

that's 22 FF games. 80,000,000/22 = 3.6 million a game. Halo is on it's third and the franchise will sell about 20 million(IMO), so it will be ahead in millions per Game.

power0919994064d ago

Does this not bother the Halo fan boys?

It's like they are trying to force Halo into Mario.

I don't know... I am sure Halo will sell very well, but honestly I could do without all this crap they are selling along with it.

MrWonderful4064d ago

maybe some halo toys from BK would be nice collectables

calderra4064d ago

Halo 2 sold more (in terms of $$) in its first 24-hours than any other entertainment product (movie OR game) before it, beating out even Spider-Man (the former record-holder).

Halo is bigger than Hollywood- why wouldn't it get the same Burger King cups that Hollywood gets?

Dukester1014064d ago

The key to success is how well you market your product in today's society. Think of it like a car salesman. They'll say anything, and make almost any deal that will get the company the most money, and him the biggest commission price.

He's marketing the car, and BS'ing with you, and keeping you in his gripes by not letting you get a word in, so you're there longer, and he makes you feel guilty for leaving without buying the car.

Marketing for any other product is the same way. That's how you have to do it to win people over. Marketing is nothing more than BS in a professional manner. It lists all the strengths of something, tells you how great it is, how much fun it is, and plasters the image EVERYWHERE so all you see and think about is that product.

That's what they want to do with Halo, by having all these companies plaster the Master Chief everywhere. They want to up their sales of the game, and the system.

Odion4064d ago

I think its cool, theres something more specail about the release of an epic game or movie when the rest of the world is behind it. Kinda like when the new Star wars movies came out and every business was hyping it. It made it a little more special when you got to watch it.

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