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Submitted by xino 1937d ago | video

New trailer for Tekken movie

New latest trailer for the upcoming movie Tekken. (Culture, Tekken)

_EvilMonkey_  +   1939d ago
Mehh... can anyone say Dragon Ball Evolution!
ZombieAutopsy  +   1939d ago
Come on you know it kicked ass. /s
rockleex  +   1937d ago
"In Tekken City"
What the hell is this sh*t?

Why did they just tell the whole story in the trailer?

Why do the actors suck so much at acting?

Why can't Christopher Nolan just make every comic book movie, anime movie, and video game movie so that we won't have to suffer like this?

Or he should just use inception on everyone involved in making these movies so they can use his creativity and ideas in their movies!
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Cevapi88  +   1939d ago
so Tekken takes place in Gotham City?? huh, learning something new everyday
Leio  +   1937d ago
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xino  +   1938d ago
not really Evilmonkey
the movie that looks like Dragonball trash is the new King of Fighters movie.
This movie is on another level and it won't fail because Megan Fox isn't in the movie.

This movie may not have a strong plot, bad setting, less characters; but the fighting is what makes the movie shine.
_EvilMonkey_  +   1938d ago
I actually saw Tekken on the net, and I have to say it was not that bad compared to Dragon Ball Evolution. The fighting was pretty good and the girls are hot, especially Christie.
Leio  +   1937d ago
Saw it too to be honest its much better than dragon ball and all the low budget crap lately. And yeah Christie alone make it worth watching :)
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rroded  +   1938d ago
1 of the worst game movies
you'll ever see makes street fighter movies look like art...

dragon ball evo was way cooler.
Rainstorm81  +   1937d ago
The movie sucked donkey balls
Why was kazuya so damn weak?, What is Tekken City?, Where is Paul Phoenix?, Where is Kazuya's chest scar?, Who picked the character lineup? Why isnt anycharacter doing any moves from Tekken? (aside from Eddy Gordo) Why did i watch this movie?

So many questions no answers to be found......
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Uzesgelen_Goo  +   1937d ago
Brian, Jin did moves from game look closly
evildanser  +   1937d ago
you didnt watch the movie thats why!!!!
cyberwaffles  +   1937d ago
can anyone say uncontrollable drug-induced laughter!?

seriously, dragon ball evolution was the funniest movie i've ever seen with my friends. i'm not advocating marijuana use, but watching a movie with like-minded friends can be hilarious. thats how it was for me and my friend when we watched dragonball evolution. good times. you got to learn how to take bad things into good things.
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   1938d ago
Tekken city? why does it look all dark and depressing when the game looks like this:

Tekken is supposed to have this warm feeling to it. I mean even the dark temples and hall ways in every Tekken game don't look as dark and depressing as this Gotham city rip-off.
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farhsa2008  +   1938d ago
this movie is fantastic, the best video game movie yet
Newtype  +   1938d ago
this movie is garbage, it ignores the ogre arc and shows Jun Kazama....but it's based on Tekken 5.

Don't waste your time with the movie, I've seen it already.
RockmanII7  +   1937d ago
Is Panda in the movie?
cyberwaffles  +   1937d ago
not only is Panda in the movie, he/she is nominated for best supporting actor/actress.
Silly gameAr  +   1937d ago
"Tekken killed my mother!"
JasonXE  +   1937d ago
beat me to it
comp_ali  +   1937d ago
upcoming ??, there is already DVD release for tekken movie
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Chucky2003  +   1937d ago
already saw it 3 days ago
its garbage
SolidMGSnake  +   1937d ago
yea I saw it recently too. Frikken lame. The only true depiction of a character from the game was Eddie and he barely did anything.
Uzesgelen_Goo  +   1937d ago
Raven & Jin did look alike
Baka-akaB  +   1937d ago
actually bryan did pretty much all of his signature moves . Eddy just did capoera , but hardly any moves from the game .

And jin and raven just looked the part
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ATLGAMER  +   1937d ago
its out on torrent...
its action is okay to below average overall not a horrible movie but better than DBZ
N4OGs  +   1937d ago
nothing can be worse then dragon ball movie
this movie has the shang shaung guy who was the end fight in mortal kombat 1 movie as the boss in tekken movie.

It will be better then that chun li movie. It will be better then street fighter movie live action fights. It will most likely be just under mortal kombat movie 2 as far as how good or bad it is.

It seems basically to be like the undisputed movies/stone cold steve austin fighting movie but with tekken characters.
Yardie  +   1937d ago
My only problems with it are that it's in english, and Raven wasn't played by wesley snipes.
Bloodlyte  +   1937d ago
lol Jin is an American boy, and why is Kazuya portraited as a ladies man player type of guy, this movie looks like a pile of bullshit with lamesauce and crap sprinkles. Another franchise with great potential just got raped!
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   1937d ago
Why didn't they just make a really good CGI movie? make the CGI look like Avatars realistic CGI, this way they could've designed the characters to look exactly like the characters in the game, and it would make it easier for them to have characters like Panda and Kuma become apart of the movie.

Seriously this movie is going to fail.
peowpeow  +   1937d ago
That would be the ideal choice for most game movies..but nooo they have to hire THE WORST ACTORS period! Ends up ruining the franchise for me altogether
ChronoJoe  +   1937d ago
Looks cool.
Hyperguy20  +   1937d ago
Oh dear..
They even nicked footage from Batman Begins in the trailer. This is going to suck hard!
meetajhu  +   1937d ago
The movie was fking garbage. Tekken fans would abuse it worse than me.
Ludakriss  +   1937d ago
Gosh this look like poo! Can't go wrong with Prodigy sound track though huh?
CLOUD1983  +   1937d ago
another fail game movie ala-street fighter... pass.
dredgewalker  +   1937d ago
Watched the movie....please do not waste your time and money on this piece of trash!! Most of the characters do not even use their respective styles and instead fight with generic martial arts moves.
chidori666  +   1937d ago
im tired this movie based in games.. .-.
bacrec1  +   1937d ago
Considering the budget they had to work with, Tekken actually was not that bad. What put it over for me was the fight scenes. I especially loved the fight that had yoshimitsu in it. I would give it MF MF MF M out of five
LastDance  +   1937d ago
A low budget is no excuse for poor film making.
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wingway  +   1937d ago
Guess I can't tell people I play Tekken cuz they'll think about this movie when I mention it
Katana Yamato  +   1937d ago
The story is abysmal in this movie. It makes Jin become like a typical teenage boy shagging girls from left to right when in the game he has no interest to be in a relationship cause of his Devil Gene (that's why he's not shagging Ling Xiaoyu).

The actor who plays Jin has a very noticable English accent even though Jin was raised in Japan with Jun.

Heihachi and Kazuya kinda get along (that would never happen) and Kazuya is a ladies man (though i wouldn't be surprise if he slept with alot of women. He is rich and powerful ya know).

Christie doesn't look anything near Brazilian, least of all doesn't look like the character in the game. She looks like sum white girl. She's practically fanservice cause i guess Nina and Anna aren't good enough so they brought this woman that looks nothing like Christie for the T&A who falls in love with Jin (WTF! Ling Xiaoyu is the one whose suppose to be with Jin. Jin in the game probably doesn't even know Christie exist LOL).

Anna looks way too old in the face then Nina. Even though Nina is the older sister.

And Yoshimitsu is the Champion of the Tekkken tournament in the movie. LMAO! In the game, unless you're a Mishima, you won't win the tournament.

Also no Hwoarang, Paul Phoenix (he's Kazuya's biggest rival in the game yet he's not in the movie) and no Lee Chaoloan or any of the other characters that have at least sum connections to the Mishima's are featured here.

And also...Steve Fox is not a street hustler. UGH!

The movie sux. Reminds me of the Double Dragon movie with its stupid music and setting.

Though since alot of people are drooling over the wannabe Christie women, i might as well drool for the actor whose playing Jin. At least he resembles Jin a lil.
NarooN  +   1937d ago
Pretty much true but I'm gonna nitpick anyway, lol.

Paul almost won the third tournament. He left because he thought it was over but Orge transformed into True Orge and Jin came back and took him out, thus winning. Paul could never catch a break. If no Mishima would win, Paul is and has always been the one would come the closest out of the rest of the cast.

And for whatever reason Namco hasn't touched on the Kaz x Paul rivalry in a while. I also remember Paul's rivalry with Kuma. As for Kaz's sexuality, it can be assumed he banged someone sometime after he became evil. Anna used to be his bodyguard back in the T2 days (as well as Ganryu and Bruce) so he most likely bent her over multiple times.

But yeah, the movie? I'd rather watch the Tekken animated movie 10 times in a row than watch this steaming pile of horse shit.
tamd  +   1937d ago
no paul and king , it was shameful they didnt put theses two characters in the movie
Baka-akaB  +   1937d ago
Two things to get straight :

-the story sucks , it's at the usual crappy level of videogames adaptations , with changes to the plot that are even worse than the silly game plot .

-Mot of the fight are actually good . You do see folks that knows how to fight , instead of say "nameless girl A from once upon a time smallville" .

The problem is most characters except bryan , christie and eddy , and a bit yoshimitsu , dont truly fight according to their game counterparts . The best fight is basically with bryan , who quite greatly displayed his signature moves and even a basic combo .

Yes the film sucks , but let's be honest , its miles above anything ever done with a fighting game so far .
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Obama  +   1937d ago
Another series ruined by Hollywood
Sie  +   1937d ago
I watched this last weekend at a friends house and it was better than i expected, most movies based on fighting games don't turn out too good but if your a tekken fan it's worth a watch.
Fatal Blow  +   1937d ago
Why don't people stop making these movies i think if they made an anime it would be good tho
RememberThe357  +   1937d ago
Hahaha I'm the only one who liked it !
Reminded me of Mortal Combat. I cannot wait for this!

NarooN  +   1937d ago
Movie is a pile of shit. Anyone who has played Tekken for more than two nanoseconds knows damn well that the Tekken Movie is to Tekken as Dragon Ball Evolution was to Dragon Ball. Just NO.

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