The rough guide to Warhawk

Warhawk is a game every PS3 gamer should buy this September. It's a one-trick pony, for sure, being effectively an online-only game (think classic PS2 mash Hardware). But Warhawk's one trick is so entertaining, so appealing, so much chaotic fun, that it puts to shame even the bigger names on the release schedule...

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MACHone3996d ago

They hit the nail on the head: Warhawk may not be anything completely original or revolutionary, but darn is it fun!

CourtesyFlush3996d ago

I'm truly looking forward to this title, as the original is an old favorite from my ps1 days.

But since I use WiFi for connectivity, will there be a greater possibility of noticable lag compared to a wired connection? I assume so, but thought I'd showcase my lack of knowledge on this detail (but I did know about my ps3's Blu-ray


Sevir043996d ago

whats good about this game is that the users them self who happen to have broadband, wifi or wired dsl. can be dedicated users, so you wont have to worry about lag, because a person with dialup cant be a dedicated server. so there for. any kind of broadband internet connection granted be wifi or wired DSL you should be good. plus most of you will be playing from your home so you shouldn't have to worry at all

Sevir043996d ago

after playing the beta. i gotta say it rocks. one solid multiplayer experience. and a must buy to say the least

Shadow Flare3996d ago

but can anyone tell me if you buy the retail version, can you install the game onto the ps3 hard-drive?

Sevir043996d ago

they clear that up on the PS blog.

Shadow Flare3996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

thanks sevir

its retail for me then

ps. you got bubbles sir

crunchie1013996d ago

I never realised how meaty and just so damn good this game sounds! For those who've played the beta, is the sound better in the videos in that preview?

Sevir043996d ago

the explosiona nd sounds of the Jet, and gun fire are as immersible as Lairs. everything sounds so theatrical. playing on a 50 inch is like playing the game in a movie theatre ^^ you'll have fun warhawk is candy for your ear.

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The story is too old to be commented.