PSP Fat VS PSP Slim (Europe before Japan ?)

A new comparison between PSP Fat and brand new PSP Slim. But the site also mentions that some french retailers they have met, have the PSP Slim dated for 5th september, coming in two shapes : Silver and Piano Black, while others have the date set for 15th september.

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sanjisan4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

What a nice comparison. But as they say in the text will it be less breakable ? the release date is also amazing but it could be possible.

Vip3r4061d ago

The new one looks good but for Europe to get a console (updated) before Japan seems really generious considering we're always getting the shaft on prices and release dates.

sanjisan4061d ago

It was the same for UK, that PSP Slim will be available before Japan.

Minimee4061d ago

Maybe Sony just wants to avoid massive import like the first PSP

sanjisan4061d ago

Yeah it could be possible ;) it reminds me Lik Sang :p

Minimee4061d ago

yep...poor LikSang actually... :(