Rock Band Exclusive Preview: DLC, Tracks & More

The brilliance of Rock Band, in concept, triumphs Guitar Hero's solo manifesto. Yeah, it's awesome to shred along to a face-melting riff, but any musician will tell you playing live with other musicians is a whole other story. The feeling you get when you come together as a band and find that tight's just unexplainable.

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JPomper4027d ago

Wow, that was downright painful to read. That Mr. Marbles guy REALLY needed to proofread that article before posting it. Oh well, what can you expect from

PROTIP: Proofread your sh!t.

Newmanator4027d ago

Guitar Hero 3 has a much batter track list in my oppinion.

omansteveo4027d ago

I agree dude even though i'll prolly get both but i can see EA raping us on downloadable content...they know that if a buddy of yours has a song and you dont you have to buy it to play that song with him al Halo ya know...I hate you EA!