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No Gears of War demo

Following yesterdays 'big' announcement that Gears of War will launch on November 17th, the same day as the PS3 in the UK, Epic Games' Mark Rein has today told fans not to expect a demo before release. (Gears of War, Xbox 360)

Balance  +   3002d ago
maybe the realize demo or no that people will buy the game and the only reason we want the demo is play the game before it comes out (get used to the controls and such).
TheMART  +   3002d ago
Balance, I can't read your kind of spelling right... But actually I don't care about a demo. They have said it all the time, there won't be a demo before the release.

And we really don't need it. Everyone wants this game. Just go pre-order it it'll never dissapoint
Aramis001  +   3002d ago
Of course it won't dissapoint, I was worried it might at first but look at anyone who played it at e3 they all said it was incredible.

Bit bummed out about the lack of a demo though..
USMChardcharger  +   3002d ago
do we really need a demo to know this is a purchase? no...but it would have been nice. o well
Balance  +   3002d ago
yeah i wrote that in a hurry, i can't even read it, lol

"maybe they realize a demo isn't needed because people will buy this game anyway. the only reason people want the demo is to play the game before it comes out (to get used to the controls and gameplay)."

there has been plenty of in-game and actual game play footage so we have a good idea of how great this game is going to be. I am pre-ordering mine after work today. ever since blazing angels i said i was going to play the demo before buying any game but GOW is going to be an exception.
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JPomper  +   3002d ago
I'm sure the game wil be awesome, but a demo would have been nice.
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3002d ago
a demo will come later, f'sure.

but who isn't buying this?
Lucidmantra  +   3002d ago
almost everyone with a 360 will be buying it
STICKzophrenic  +   3002d ago
I am.
I'm buying it. I told my fiance (who got me my 360 for Christmas last year) that I couldn't wait to get this game for Christmas, and that I wanted it launch day. She said we'll work something out.

God damn I can't wait until Emergence Day.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   3002d ago
guys...Gears of War is Unreal tournament with better graphics. It's so fun because unreal tournament is so fun. I think epic's trying to make money. They'll do the same thing with the ps3. You guys have to stop hyping a mediocre game. Did anyone bash this news yet? At all? Is that because us "ps3 fanboys" dont bash your system? I thought we did...i'm so f-ing confused!!!
PS360PCROCKS  +   3002d ago
What the hell are you talking about? Unreal tournament is NOTHING like this game, and how could you possibly rip on this game, it hasn't even released and we all know it's the game of the year with no doubt, don't try to knock a game that has gotten applause, praise and every award possible in the past year
G_CodeMonkey  +   3001d ago
I think someone's jealous...
That's okay. When you see it in stores and no PS3 to be found, you should go with your instincts and pick up that '360. I'd recommend not even waiting and wasting those months when you could be having gaming goodness right now!!!!
Marriot VP  +   3002d ago
THE REASON for this is with big games they don't want to turn off anybody by releasing a demo. You'll see this with mass effect, GOW, GRAW, Halo 3 and many more.

Big titles don't need demos because everybody knows about them. And by releasing a demo it would hold people over and delay people from buying it. Demo's for big titles would only hurt its sales.
STICKzophrenic  +   3001d ago
Good point.
Very good point. I hadn't thought of it that way.
96impala  +   3001d ago
That was smart on the behalf of the company. That is the most anticipated game for the 360 so the should keep it that way and when its released they're goin to sell out. It was a smart move.
Marriot VP  +   3001d ago
well this year anyways
G_CodeMonkey  +   3001d ago
I'll be at the midnight release... demo or not.
I agree with Cerula on the biz reasons. I also like the idea of not revealing "emergence day" early -- I want the initial load-up to blow me away. The press went nuts over the single & multiplayer at E3. I've got to hurry and finish Quake, Doom, Half-Life2 and others before it launches so I can focus on that. Ahh-- too much gaming goodness, not enough time in the day!!! Life is sweet! I feel bad for the PS3 crowd who don't have this yet (the gaming goodness).
dantesparda  +   3000d ago
This is bullsh!t! no demo? that sucks!

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