MGS4:Close Quarters Combat Parody

The GamesRadar interns are back at it again, starring in a war-time newsreel for tips on disarming your opponent using Metal Gear Solid 4's new tactics.GamesRadar thinks the new moves are slightly ridiculous.
Take a look below and be kind about the acting.

(viewer discretion advised)

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AllroundGamer3873d ago

rofl i like MGS a lot, but this was hilarious :D

KoonMcKoon3873d ago

i sure as hell cant view this vid :(

AllroundGamer3873d ago

try using Firefox browser.

MK_Red3873d ago

I was expecting this joke base late MGS4 live demo but to my surprise it was really funny.

Imalwaysright3873d ago

HAHAHAHAHAH i almost fell of my chair

alexander22rednaxela3873d ago

THATS THE KILLER AP FOR PS3, Do kojima think PS3 gamers are gay? I think gay people are cool but, this game will make allot of 360 gamers and the media (for shure) ridicule the ps3.

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