Blue Dragon Character Profiles

In a few weeks, Microsoft will finally let U.S. gamers in on what Japan has been enjoying since the beginning of the year. The Japanese review scores are a good indication that Artoon and MS will have a hit on their hands with the U.S. crowd, but y'all will have to wait until August 15th to get the real scoop at

Featuring an all-star cast of Japanese developer talent, Blue Dragon is a turn-based RPG that has all of the pieces of the puzzle in place. The jury is still out if the synergistic power of Blue Dragon's parts will come together as a fantastic picture of perfection, but all signs point to a resounding YES at this juncture.

To tide you over until the review, TeamXBox has compiled a list of the playable characters in Blue Dragon, including a short bio on each. They've also included original artwork by Akira Toriyama featuring all of the characters, including a look at their shadow forms as well.

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Eagle Eye4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

I cant wait. The old school turn base jrpg is back. Bringing back memories of some truly great games. This is a launch title for me.

By the way Jiro nice Great Saya Man outfit.
( Gohan gonna sue somebody lol )

Xeoset4028d ago

Holy hell, I've never notice that before, nice find!

Toriyama FTW!

Zhuk4029d ago

Yeah I am looking forward to this one too, always enjoy a solid JRPG

Xeoset4028d ago

Cannot wait for this one, I'm more excited for this than Bioshock =S. Both are amazing looking games and I really want to get them both, but damn, I just cannot afford it lol.