Xbox 360 Elite Nightmare

Here is a story of a person who bought a Xbox 360 Elite, and some big issues with it. This man had his Xbox 360 Elite for about about a month now, and had his elite die down on him. This time it wasn't the red rings of death, it was something else, his Elite was refusing to read disks.

Read on to view how Microsoft solved his issue...

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Odion4065d ago

how are any of you approving this story, its from a blog called Elitenightmare

nasim4065d ago

please MS dont rip your customers anymore


stop selling garbage box 360 with 100% defect rates

InMyOpinion4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

It's because this site is flooded with Sony fanboys. Everything anti Xbox and pro Playstation gets approved instantly, even if there are tons of reports on them while they are in the pending section.

I urge you to take the "news" here with a large grain of salt =)

sticky doja4064d ago

Anyone that has ever sent in a 360 for repairs knows you dont put it in the box from purchase, they send you a friggin cardboard box, and send it back to you in the same type of box. Why did this story get approved, this is truly sad.

Relientk774065d ago

lol is Microsoft ever gonna fix their 360 probs... or keep having faulty systems

MewMew4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

That's what people get when you buy anything gaming related from Micro$hyts.

PS3 and Nintendo Wii, 4 the win!

Mr Murda4064d ago

I cant' wait until school gets back in session, and these 10 year olds will be busy coloring and learning arithmetic instead of making silly fanboy comments.

MewMew4064d ago

that TheMewtasticOne has ever seen. Also you are "teh suck"

Ahahahaha! *MeeeeeeoooowwwwPower!*

razer4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

There was a great positive Xbox 360 story about the Gphoria Awards that the 360 did well in. Completely game related and news worthy yet it falls off unapproved. In that time 1 article for PS3 being sold out at futurshop and then another for a "great" PS3 bundle deal get's approved. Now this negative 360 story get's approved within minutes of being posted. It's not approved yet, but I bet it will be.

I think I'm done with this place.

Edit: ahhh, yes just as I predicted. This place is overrun with Sony fanboys.

Bathyj4065d ago

So why dont you and the others approve these positive Xbox stories so we know its not all doom and gloom. I personally dont see any stories pending, I only look in the news section. Surely there are enough Xbox fans to get positive stories approved aren't there, or are you saying theres some conspiracy to keep good XB news off the news page?

jay34065d ago

don't try and argue with the guy, he's right.

It's not the site thats bias though, it's the contributors. Some sony fanboy spends all day looking for a broken 360 story and puts it on here, all the other sony fanboys approve.

It's a flawed system mate.

Bathyj4065d ago

I'm not argueing, I'm asking a legitimate question. I think half the problem with this site is the combative nature everyone has, for example, the way your telling my what to do for asking a question.

And I repeat, if there's positive XB stories out there whats to stop you guys bringing it into the light. Give us a bit of balance.

One more question, and this is for everyone, you cant deny that since GDC PS3 has really turned around in the publics perception. Things are looking really positive. You also cant deny M$ has had a lot of problems with hardware and warranties in the last few months. All I'm asking is, is this site really getting biased or is it just reflecting all that has been happening? I mean if things have gotten better for Sony and worse for M$, wouldn't you expect to see that on a news site for gamers?

Staircase4065d ago

Actually, it happens a lot on both sides. I remember not too long ago somebody made a montage showing the future games of the 360 and it was approved. The same day a video showing PS3 games in a montage was declined.

DJ4065d ago

Back when the PS3 was getting shat all over by the media this site had anti-ps3 articles by the minutes, while the 360 was put in a very positive limelight. Due to recent events, the tables have completely flipped and now the very people that hate the PS3 and reveled in negative playstation news for the past year are acting like a bunch of crybabies.

There's simply a LOT of negative 360 news and a lot of positive PS3 news at the moment.

The Wood4065d ago

no flame but.. you have to actually hunt for good 360 news nowadays. its like 'the tables have turned' *rick james voice* and i'm sure the 360 owners were not complaining then if you know what i mean

BLACKJACK VII4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

Bubbles for you. You are correct sir & so is post 3.2

I watched the Gphoria awards last night, basically swept by Gears of War & I logged in today to read the article...

I love it when N4G places "BluRay Format War" & "Dvd9 is Dead" articles in "This Week's Hottest Xbox 360 News". It's funny that ONE person's Blog about a broken 360 is more important than the Gphoria Gaming Awards for 2007.

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DeFFeR4065d ago

I used to enjoy coming to this site for gaming news, now all I see are Sony Fanboys riding PS3 meatpoles and laughing at 360.

It used to be unbiased, and now its severly tilted towards PS3. Why have you done this n4g? If you ever want a gaming site to become large, you'd have to be UN-biased, because if you're not, it's just a fansite. Right after e3, you switched from 33% for each system to 80% PS3 love, 10% wii hate, 10% 360 hate.
IGN...warm the coffee, we're coming home.

DethWish4065d ago

It's because you yourself is able to be the newsreporter :)
If you start posting non-biased news it will probably help

Keyser4064d ago

I remember a few months ago when it was complete 360 bias and the PS3 nor Sony could do anything right. Not only that but if you said anything positive about the PS3 you lost bubbles.

Weather the storm.

MewMew4064d ago

Do think that's its only Sony, wrong! We have Nintendo lovers as well.

Oh yea... PS3 and Nintendo Wii, 4 the win!

ER1X4065d ago

Who disagreed that this will turn into a flame war? lol...:-)

Captain Tuttle4064d ago

Probably some dirty hippie lol.