Folklore: English Gameplay Video

First look of the English Version of Folklore.

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the_bebop3943d ago

This game is going to be sweet, especially since I downloaded the Japanese demo day one.

InMyOpinion3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

It looks like last gen graphics. Noticed how she was blocked from going into the water, and the flowers did'nt move while she moved through them. The character had no details, no bump mapping or lighting effects (she had the last gen shine to her that EA used in their Defjam games). They could at least have added some color to it. Not to talk about the empty flat and lifeless backgrounds. Man, where does all the hype come from. Looks mediocre at best.

@below - 70% of the games released on the 360 look better than the ones on PS3 (just count the multiplatform games if you like.) so that must mean PS3 looks worse than last gen. I love playing Overlord, it's tons of fun and has colorful worlds and characters. What are you playing? Motorstorm you say...Resistance? *yawn* When is your console getting games?

the_bebop3943d ago

Sorry but I can not belive you are comparing a SD Video to the real thing. So download the Demo, thats if you have a PS3 and a HDTV.

ShAkKa3943d ago

Go play overlord Jenzo that`s real next-gen graphics right?
if you want to see last-gen graphics just take a look of 70% of 360`s games.
Back to FolKlore i don`t really like this type of games so my comment on it isn`t that important.

Andronix3943d ago

This video has actually got my attention. I love the dark fairy-tale theme which reminds me of bedtime stories. Graphics look very nice. As long as the gameplay is quite deep, then this really could be something special.