A petition for a Resident Evil game for the PSP

One of our readers, Pastehunter, has informed us of a petition for a Resident Evil game for the PSP. Well, by the time RE5 comes out there will be a Resident Evil game for almost every major console (including a game for mobile phones), and there's even a third movie coming out, why not the PSP?

The petition states: Hit the link and you'll find out

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darkvenom4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

signed i hope they do bring RE to the PSP.C'mon fellow PSP owners sign and let Capcom know that we want it! WTF! Who disagreed with me!at least explain yourself why you disagree!

nice_cuppa4029d ago

i have a petition for the cessation of all petitions.

who's with me ?

PlayStation3604029d ago

a petition was used to get a collectors edition of Bioshock (can't wait to get). I do agree, sometimes petitions can be a tad odd. But sometimes it's alright.

Jo0j4029d ago

I wonder how horrible that will control?

Phantom_Lee4029d ago

screw that, I want Monster Hunter 2 here in NA

AdmiralX4029d ago

they said there is already a downloadable PSP resident evil on the PSN store but where is that? I have never seen that on the PSN store and I would have gotten it already if it was there. Silent hill is coming for the PSP so why not RE:PSP-when zombies attack

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