Reasons You Need Madden NFL 08

There's no use ignoring Madden NFL 08. 2K Sports fanatics will tout All Pro Football 2K8 as the definitive pigskin experience, but no one gives a damn about pitting a bunch of old fogies against each other. It's all about the new blood, finding out if Jamarcus Russell can lead Oakland to the promised land, or whether the Atlanta Falcons can survive without their recently indicted quarterback, Michael Vick. Moreover, this year's Madden features a bevy of sweet features, so don't deny yourself the opportunity to make the defense look foolish. You'll want Madden.

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Maddens Raiders4144d ago (Edited 4144d ago )

I don't know about needing it.


Posted by Chris Buffa on Thursday, July 26, 2007? wtf

cr33ping_death4144d ago

excatly i dont know why i need it when i have never played a single madden game.

ER1X4144d ago

I don't need anything EA has to offer.

DrPirate4144d ago

Never have truer words been spoken.

Although Army of 2 looks awesome, I definitely agree.

Razzy4144d ago

Agreed. It's been years since I bought an EA game but that Army of 2 looks interesting.

ER1X4143d ago

Man, there are some serious EA whores on this site. The last 2 negative comments about EA have yielded me with 2 ignores lol.

strongbad14414144d ago

Who the hell are you to tell me what I don't give a damn about?!

Rooftrellen4144d ago

I don't NEED Madden, but I might get it just to upgrade for a new console. Then I'll return to not buying one for 5 years, since I don't care about the little year to year changes.

45thlama4144d ago

$H!T this madden iz gonna be sick u F^Ck!n nerdz

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The story is too old to be commented.